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Monday, May 17, 2010

Columbian Priest Spills the Beans About Homosexual Priests

You think the homosexual priest problem is behind us? Get real. Recently a Columbian priest published a book about the sexual immorality, mainly homosexual immorality, in the priesthood. Here's a portion of an article describing his book. You can read the complete text here....

In 2007, Fr. Robledo, formerly head of the ecclesiastical tribunal for the archdiocese of Cali, made public evidence, including videos, of sexual and financial misconduct among many of the archdiocese's clergy. Among his allegations were that several priests were conducting ongoing sexual relationships, including with women and young boys. Some priests have secretly fathered children and in two cases have been sued by the mothers for child support.

In a letter to Archbishop Sarasti, made public in the newspapers, Fr. Robledo spoke of "chronic and shameful homosexual conducts of friends and close collaborators" of the archdiocese. In a radio interview, Father Robledo said that Archbishop Sarasti responded to the charges by saying that such acts belong to the priests' private lives.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Let's compartmentalize things. That's religious stuff; this is personal stuff; and this is public stuff. Let's make sure that no stuff from one area slops over into another.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr Robledo for your faithfulness and courage. Let's pray that the corruption is removed from the Church.