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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terrorists come into this country through the Mexican border.

"The American public has been kept in the dark about this whole issue."

Watch these two videos about the invasion of our country. Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, did not answer the request for an interview. If you think illegal immigration is no big deal and doesn't affect you think again. How many families around the country were impacted by 9/11? How many more will be touched by the next big terrorist strike. We need to control our borders! And the bishops who stand behind the invasion do a great disservice by painting those who oppose illegal immigration as racists. Millions of immigrants enter this country legally and are welcomed by us. Those who sneak across the border are not immigrants; they are invaders. Twenty percent of those caught by border patrol have criminal records. Many are from terrorist nations that hate us. The drug cartels appear to be smuggling terrorists and weapons as well as drugs into the country. Check it out for yourself.

Subject: Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security Part 1 - Video - WSB Atlanta
Part II of Congressional report

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Paul Cortese said...

The thing is, they are doing something I would do - sneak illegally into a country to send money home to my family and make a better life for myself. And I would do it again and again until I was put in jail for too long to want to try again. I would offer it up for my family.

AND, I would (maybe have, but I wouldn't admit it on-line if I had) help these very folks if they needed my help to feed their kid and not have an abortion and help them get on their feet and work here so long as our country kept doing that wink and knod thing and letting them in and employing them fairly easily.

BUT, they would be better off non-violently rioting in their own country for better constitutional and truer free-market conditions (like the Phillipines did long ago), so we ought to close the border.

AND, since we obviously need a great many of them because we abort so many of our own and contracept into non-existence so many MORE (like, the black population is going bye-bye with their eyes wide open), we ought to open an efficient, thorough, dignified and fair entry system, temporary and permanent - streamilned and not limited to highly technical people. We need practically every one of these hard-working illegals - we just need to keep the bad folks out and have the unproductive ones return, and the dignity of the currents (us) and the newbies (them) respected. Why can't we do that? Because the politicians work for either the cheap sleazy businesses that use some of these workers or for the communities who's vested interest is in keeping their communities downtrodden so their district/state votes remain or grow. There are too many of these politicians to effect change right now. Maybe we can change something next time.