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Friday, May 28, 2010

Homosexuality in the Hierarchy, The Cardinal McCarrick Syndrome

Richard Sipe takes seriously the homosexual problem in the Church. In a recent post on his blog about the homosexuality of Cardinal McCarrick (Read about it here.... ) he points out the serious problem of men like McCarrick being in power. How many proteges were raised to positions of influence by their homosexual superiors? One thinks of Cardinal Bernardin and his "boys." He did more to damage the Church than most and, while he maintained his secret (more or less) until he died, he couldn't help himself from specifying that a gay choir sing at his wake.

It is particularly ironic to me that Fr. James Haley was thrown out of the priesthood for recognizing the reality of what Richard Sipe says and trying to get Bishop Loverde to do something about it. The bishop did something all right. He turned Fr. Haley into the invisible man, the priest without a diocese, the shepherd without a flock. But Fr. Haley was right! No homosexual should be in a position of authority in the Church and here's why:
From Richard Sipe's Blog
More ominous are the relationships of sexual sponsorship in which an older priest or superior takes an attractive and responsive younger priest into his affectionate embrace. Yes, some of these associations do become sexual. As the senior man rises in stature, position, and power he brings his protégé along with him up the scale of the organization. Sometimes the younger man eventually equals his mentor’s stature; he too can repeat the pattern so well learned and practiced. This pattern is well exercised in Rome.

There are scores of reliable documents that demonstrate this practice and people involved.

The main point is that the dynamic is in operation and affects even good, observant clergy who cannot speak openly because the secret system will not tolerate them. Where are they to go? The press will not touch malfeasance on this level of the power system without impossible vetting that will expose the whistler blower to potential or certain destruction. Who of the many-in-the-know within the secret clerical system have that kind of courage?

What I have written to Pope Benedict (Cf. home page) is but a simple example of the systemic dynamic of celibate violation within the priesthood and some of the dire consequences for the church, the clergy, and our youth.

I have expressed my awareness of how difficult it is even for him to address this dimension of the problem that I have named the Cardinal McCarrick Syndrome. Great Saints like Pope Gregory I, Peter Damian, the patron of church reform, and the other saints illustrated in C. Colt Anderson’s Great Catholic Reformers have tried, some with more success than others. (Cf. Books of Note) There is a need for such saints today. The problem is present, operative, and of major magnitude.
N.B. Just for the record, I do not agree with Richard Sipe on a number of issues. He favors elimination of priestly celibacy, for example. I don't see how that will solve any problems; it just introduces new ones.

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