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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Wolves Are Gathered Around Bishop Finn

I've been watching the case of Bishop Robert Finn with skeptical interest. Here's an orthodox bishop who came into Kansas City and has instilled new vigor in the local church -- increasing vocations, speaking the truth with what would one expect? Those who hate the Church want to destroy him. Below are the comments of a friend of mine about the accusation against the bishop that he failed to report a priest who had child porn on his computer.

The sex abuse scandals were horrendous, but innocent priests (and bishops) have been accused and there is apparently no fallout for false accusations even though they have destroyed the lives of innocent men. What has happened to the famous right to be considered innocent until proven guilty? Today, an accusation is as good as a conviction even when a single accusation is decades old. It's shameful! Pray for Bishop Finn.

by Jane Elliot

I spent the better part of Saturday digging on this subject. My conclusion now is that Finn was set up. I've cut and pasted here some resulting notes:

He was called in to do a major cleanup when he became bishop five-six years ago. He was successful in many ways but has made many and powerful enemies as a result.

The National "Catholic?" Reporter is in his diocese. They have been gunning for him from Day One. I believe they are major culprits driving this accusation. (Fr. Zuhlsdorf has been reporting that aspect for over a year now, I think.)

Makes one wonder why Mahony, Rembert, & Co., haven't been given such preferential treatment by the Distorter et al. Tongue in cheek, here.

I read sections of the independent "Graves Report" that details the whole mess. What I learned was that much of what is being reported is grossly misleading. Bp. Finn relied on the word of a Monsignor in the chancery who was directly involved in the case but who greatly minimized the situation. I get the distinct impression this Msgr deliberately set him up. (I also read on a blog comment that there have been some accusations levied against this Msgr's "manly" reputation.) To nail his coffin shut, the bishop was given bad advice from the diocesan attorney.
If you would like to familiarize yourself, here is the independent Graves' Report of 8/31/11, released by the Diocese of KC-SJ, read particularly pp. 68-109. You can access it from here (Click on "The report"):

The report:

From what I concluded I saw no malice or coverup in Bp. Finn's actions. He was given wrong information and advice from his attorney (i.e,. that the police had seen the pictures on Fr. Ratigan's laptop, and he was told that they did not fit the legal definition of child pornography). From what I read, it appears that Bp. Finn did everything he thought proper in such a horrific situation. On the Bishop's part, there doesn't appear to be any lying or intent to mislead anyone.

Regarding the often-cited Principal's report/letter that Bishop Finn is accused to have not read, that is also explained. Apparently, no one told him about the importance of the report or what it really contained. Again, this was because the Bp listened to that Msgr. Additionally, all this really started to surface the latter part of 2010.

Another FYI, the female prosecutor of this case is a strong ally of Planned Parenthood.

As to the secular media's accusation that Bp Finn sat on the laptop for five months...first of all, he never looked at what was on it. He gave the laptop to Fr. Ratigan's brother, since the diocese had retained copies when their IT specialist copied the porn files onto a disc and stick drive. Again, this was done on the recommendation of the diocesan attorney that the diocese did not need to retain the laptop, since they had recorded the problem files. --More details the media is hiding.

We are given the impression by the media that Bp. Finn was doing a dance with the miscreant and shuffling him all over the diocese. That is not the case.
I urge you to read the 31 pages that I did. It confirms to me that Bishop Finn did nothing wrong. What is sad is that none of the media reporting this story has apparently taken the trouble to read anything in the report.

Also go to:  This link goes to a website called, "The Lynching of Bishop Finn." That is exactly what is happening.

It's my estimation Bishop Finn is now the first bishop of the new phase in which we find ourselves: The Age of Martyrs. Please pray for him.

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.


Gale Starr said...

This might sound like a silly question, but why didn't he just go to the police with the pictures? That's what most people would've done.

Anonymous said...

You-Know-Who is dancing from Occupy Wall Street to Kansas City to Europe and all places in between. Thank you for the full story on Bishop Finn. Catholics are an endanged species. Thank God for you and Michael Voris and the handful of fellow Catholics who keep me company in the enfolding reality.

Anonymous said...

Maryann, thank you for posting this. I will keep Bishop Finn in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that I got in the download of the Graves' Report is the title page and tha last few pages.

Anonymous said...

Like Caesar, he is now finding out who his real friends are! Perhaps next time he will choose more wisely who he should trust.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but I also do not understand why he needed to wait months before reporting the photos. I can't think of any excuse for that. Lynching? Hardly.

Anonymous said...

Are these the same wolves that escaped in Ohio? You know, the tea party run state? The state that allowed regulations to expire when the TEA PARTY took over? Damn fools.