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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did God Make a Mistake?

Do you ever feel like you are living in an X-rated Wonderland? I wonder what would have happened if the parents in the article below had found a doctor who dealt with this child's sexual confusion early on. I also wonder how much of this article is true and how much is spin. And, frankly, I wonder whether this child was molested.

Led by the child who simply knew


Martha said...

I am so sad for you, ma'am. So very, very sad for you. Apparently you are just a grown up version of the boy who called this poor child a faggot, just using larger words to be a bully. I don't see how anyone could read that article and think that this was an easy or freely-chosen path for that child. What defamation for imply that this child might have been abused based on nothing but your own reading of the article! Where is your charity? Where is your piety? Shame on you. I am sad for you. I will pray for you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I have great compassion for this child and believe he is a victim, particularly of the doctors. There is nothing to celebrate in using powerful drugs to create a virtual reality for a child before mutilating his body.

I don't know what happened in this family, but the outcome is not a happy one and many homosexuals WERE molested as children. The family can pretend all they want that this adolescent boy is a girl. They can cut and paste a new body. He will still be a male in every cell. It isn't as easy to change DNA as that.

Alice said...

And a child will lead them? The point of the article seems to be that because, from the beginning of his life, this child identified more with girl things and being a girl than being a boy, it was right to "get help" for him to change his gender. The problem with that logic is that when discussing moral issues, it does not work to begin at the end--meaning with a particular person in a particular situation. Reasoning should go froward not backward. While "Nicole"'s situation is certainly difficult, the fact of his wanting to be a girl instead of a boy has no impact on the big picture question--is it morally okay to change a person's gender? This is a societal question not just a personal one. The article mentioned that the family had had to deal with "bullying and insensitivity". I think it's interesting that people who stand for the moral norms that have always existed are now being labeled as insensitive bullies. I suppose the PC idea is that everyone's morality must change to accommodate people like Nicole and his family. Not so. The root of moral law is in God or, if you prefer, natural law. Either way, it is outside of us human beings. When I have engaged in dialogues like this in the past, someone always ends by throwing this out, "well, I hope if you are a mother and you have a child who is gay, you will accept and love him". Again--the child shall lead us to a brave new world. My answer? For me, love means telling the Truth and who better to tell the Truth to than my own children. And what better way to show love than to suffer with them instead of breaking God's laws in an attempt to escape the pain and creating a much bigger problem in the process.

Anonymous said... David was mentally abused by "professionals" and his parents. Though the Doctor claimed "success", David offed himself and, as I recall, so did his father. These disgusting/twisted experiments of all kinds must stop!

Anonymous said...

Lord, have mercy!

Veronica said...

"Do you ever feel like you are living in an X-rated Wonderland? "


susan said...

also, does this article not put an end to the fantasy that there is a 'gay gene'?....IDENTICAL twins! QED.