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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Does the Archdiocese of Detroit have Jurisdiction over RealCatholicTV?

The Archdiocese of Detroit has instructed Mike Voris of RealCatholicTV to stop using the word "Catholic" in the title of the organization. Problem is -- the group is not actually owned or incorporated in the Archdiocese of Detroit. The owner is Marc Brammer who hires Voris to do his programming. He lives in the Diocese of South Bend under Bishop Kevin Rhoades who has NOT instructed RealCatholicTV to desist.

What's particularly ironic is that diocesan officials will apparently not meet with Voris and representatives of RealCatholicTV to discuss the matter. (Voris says he's requested a meeting seven times without response.) On the other hand, the archbishop has met with a group of dissenting priests in his diocese who openly advocate for women's ordination. Voris says the problem is not the archbishop, but staffers at the chancery. And that is certainly plausible since many chanceries across the country are staffed by "professional" Catholics who are often liberals first and Catholics second.

As for whether the Archdiocese of Detroit has the competence to demand anything from RealCatholicTV, time will tell. It's interesting to ponder that we've heard nothing about bishops demanding dissent groups like Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good or Catholics United or the heretics' mouthpiece, the National CATHOLIC Reporter, to stop using the word "Catholic" in their titles. But perhaps the bishops know they won't obey so they don't bother. It's easier to beat up on the orthodox who are more oriented toward obeying authority -- if it's lawful.

This will be an interesting battle to watch. It's clear that the liberals in AmChurch hate orthodox speakers like Voris. That means he's effective. So they will do whatever they can to muzzle him. Which means it's a good time to pray for RealCatholicTV and perhaps support them with a donation.

Archdiocese of Detroit asks Michael Voris to stop using the name ‘Catholic’


Robert Simms said...

It seems to me that RCTV will continue as it has been since the company is incorporated out the AoD.
Case closed (?)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I made a mistake re incorporation. St. Michael's Media is incorporated in the state of Michigan as a non-profit.'S%20MEDIA,%20INC.

Real Catholic TV is incorporated as a limited liability corporation.

Ray Schneider said...

One question is whether the bishop has the right to limit use of the term "Catholic" in that way?

The organization is not presenting itself as an arm of the church and people have the right to self-identify as "Catholic" both singly and collectively. (I have an High Episcopal friend who insists he's a Catholic for example.) So I only see a problem for those whose idea of the appropriate response to a bishop is slavish obedience. However that is not the appropriate response to a bishop unless he is making demands that are within his competency and responsibility. Since the organization is not part of the church he has no right to demand they change their name in my view.

What we really need is a whole lot fewer bishops that fail to teach the faith fully and faithfully.

Adrienne said...

How about Catholic's for Choice?

When I first read this it literally made me sick to my stomach.

I think some of the hierarchy in the Church has gone completely mad. And they wonder why people leave the Church.

I was shocked when I went to St. Paul and visited with some friends from childhood and discovered that the majority were no longer practicing Catholics. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Actually, from a canon law viewpoint the entity is accountible to the bishop in which the facility exists irrelevant as to where it is civilly incorporated The bishop has no authority in civil law over the corporation or over the use of the word "Catholic" but he does in canon law. This will be a tough one for Michael Voris to win, pray for him and his ministry

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think I know some of the reason for the Detroit bureaucrats' ire. See and scroll to the bottom.

By the way, while RCT may exist in Michigan as an LLC, I believe Brammer did incorporate RCT in Indiana as a C-corporation. It would seem from Brammer's remarks that the C-corp owns the website, not the LLC.

Merry Christmas!

Ray Schneider said...

A point worth mentioning is that you are never required to obey an immoral law or a moral law being used for immoral purposes.

Each person is called to account individually and not collectively. If you are saying something true that needs to be said then you should say it. If you are admonished not to say something by proper authority then you should obey if the matter is indifferent, but if you are just being silenced to conceal or support continued evil I think you have a moral responsibility not to obey. Authority is trumped by both truth and morality where the truth is one that is necessary to be heard.

Anonymous said...

I understand from a friend of mine in Rome that the Archdiocese has very carefully laid a trap for Michael Voris and Real Catholic TV by working with the Nunciature in Washington and with officials in Rome to make sure they will be backed up in their decision. This is not a sudden attack but a well planned assault so pray for Real Catholic TV that they will escape the net and be able to continue their important work of alerting people to the dangers facing the faith today