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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Technology to Create Shroud Image Not Available to Science

To see this on the liberal Huffington Post is interesting. The more science learns, the more it can't explain. How do atheists like Richard Dawkins explain the creation of the image on the shroud? They can't, so they mostly ignore it. Twenty years ago (at least) when DNA findings indicated we all descended from an original set of parents, the fact was pretty much buried and disappeared into oblivian. The tactic of those with faith in their god Chance is to ignore and ridicule what points to biblical reality. They would rather hypothesize that life began on the back of a crystal (perhaps a giant turtle named Crystal?) or that aliens brought it, than admit even the possibility of intelligent design. The game they play reminds me of something a wise friend of mine said once. You can wake up a sleeping man, but you can't wake up a man pretending to be asleep. There are many pretenders today who are so dedicated to their fundamental disbelief they would rather believe something ridiculous than even consider a truth that dethrones them as tinpot gods.


Ray Schneider said...

When it comes to the Shroud of Turin you have to ask what exactly you mean by authenticity and how you would know it if you saw it?

The work being cited is work that demonstrated that excimer lasers can make spots that are similar to those on the Shroud of Turin that make up the image. It doesn't show this is the way the shroud image was made. It doesn't show that this is the mechanism (i.e. intense light of in the UV range) and it doesn't prove anything whatsoever about authenticity (whatever that is).

The image on the Shroud of Turin has many characteristics and it is unknown how it was formed, but it has not been shown to be due to miraculous intervention. Indeed, the most we can really say about the image mechanism is that we are in ignorance. None of the proposed mechanisms offered by scientists appear to be adequate and no one has been able to create a shroud image that approaches the characteristics of the real thing.

It is definitely authentic -- but an authentic what?

Steven P. Cornett said...

Re: Ray,

Why does that UV laser work remind me of nothing more or less than this:

So Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharao, and did as the Lord had commanded. And Aaron took the rod before Pharao, and his servants, and it was turned into a serpent.

[11] And Pharao called the wise men and the magicians: and they also by Egyptian enchantments and certain secrets did in like manner. [12] And they every one cast down their rods, and they were turned into serpents: but Aaron's rod devoured their rods. [13] And Pharao's heart was hardened, and he did not hearken to them, as the Lord had commanded.
[Exodus 7:10-13]

As well as, and more fully, this:

Ever learning, and never attaining to the knowledge of the truth. [8] Now as Jannes and Mambres resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men corrupted in mind, reprobate concerning the faith. [9] But they shall proceed no farther; for their folly shall be manifest to all men, as theirs also was. [2 Timothy 3:7-9]

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What's your point, Steven? I don't understand.

Steven P. Cornett said...

Re: Mary,

That the scientists involved in this are basically modern day Jannes and Mambres, the court magicians for Pharoah who were trying to ape the miracles done by Moses.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Don't you think scientists should study the shroud, Steven? The studies have done much to authenticate that it was the burial cloth of a man around the time of Christ who lived in that area and was crucified as the scripture describes. And they also show that the science to create a fraud didn't exist then and doesn't exist now.

I thank God for the scientific studies which make my belief that the shroud is, in fact, the burial cloth of Jesus, a realistic one.