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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They Can't Kill them Fast Eough in the Netherlands!

Killing the Sick in their Beds: Europe's progress in euthanasia

I'm never surprised at the advanced culture of death in Holland. Why? Because that's one of the places the faith collapsed early on undermined by the evil and false "spirit of Vatican II." The Dutch catechism, published in 1966, (which I have on my bookshelf for reference with a stern warning in the front about its heretical nature) was used to undermine the faith after the council. The Catholic Church in Holland, which had one of the highest rates of vocations in the world, collapsed quickly as small discussion groups formed to spread the catechetical dissent and destroy the faith of the people. Vocations dried up and so did the authentic faith. The catechism wasn't the only reason, but it played a significant role in spreading heretical ideas and promoting indifferentism. Deadly ideas quickly took root and grew into the poisonous culture that kills so many of the helpless sick and elderly today. Ideas have consequences. Sin is first conceived in the mind before it is acted on by the will.

It's hard to remember the courage of Dutch Christians seen during World War II. Their acts of heroism are unimaginable in the country's current death-dealing climate. When the Nazis occupied the country it was Catholics who supported Anne Frank, her family, and the other jews hiding in the attic with them. How many would be willing to risk their lives today for a handful of "useless eaters?"

The imprimatur was removed from the English edition of the Dutch catechism and no wonder. The faith is entirely muddled throughout, lost in a mish-mash of ecumenical doublespeak, religious indifferentism, and misleading emphasis on the primacy of conscience. You can read about the failed "Dutch experiment" here.

And so today, Holland is the capitol of killing for the helpless sick and elderly. The Dutch who enable the murders are more like the Nazis they resisted during the occupation than the defenders of freedom who risked their own lives to save their Jewish neighbors. Reading the history of the collapse of faith in Holland is a warning. When the faith disappears the spirit of the age runs rampant through a culture. And the spirit of our age is a spirit of murder.

The picture is grim, but we must never lose hope. Remember God's promise: resist the devil and he will flee. Satan especially hates the rosary and the Eucharist. If we all pray the rosary daily as Mary asked at Fatima we can help bring about the conversion of the world Mary promised. What a blessed resolution it would be to commit to the daily rosary in 2012, attend daily Mass as often as possible, and frequent the confessional. What a hope for the world that would be.

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