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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Questions for Reflection during the Coronavirus Epidemic

A black swan event is one that is unpredictable
and unexpected that has severe consequences.
Are we Facing the great chastisement? Are we seeing the culmination of Mary's warning at Fatima if
mankind does not repent? Let us reflect, pray, and do penance.

Is the Coronavirus the Black Swan of 2020? by Roberto de Mattei
"Chastisement is the consequence of sin and only contrition and repentance of one’s sins may prevent the punishment that these sins inevitably bring, for having violated the order of the universe. When sins are collective, chastisements are collective. Why wonder at the deaths brought on a nation, when governments are guilty of homicidal laws like abortion, and during the epidemic the slaughter continues to have a preferential way? As we see n Great Britain, where the government has even authorized “abortion” at home, so as not to interrupt the carnage during the Corona Virus! And when, instead of bodies, souls are hit, why be surprised that the loss of faith is the chastisement for those responsible? The refusal to see the hand of God behind the great catastrophes of history is a symptom of this lack of faith.
"The collective chastisement arrives swiftly, like a “black swan” appearing suddenly on the waters. This vision baffles us and we don’t know how to explain where it comes from and what it heralds. Man is incapable of predicting “black swans” which from one day to the next turn his life upside down. But these events are not a fruit of chance, as Mr. Taleb retains and all those analyzing the events from a secularist and human perspective, forgetting that chance doesn’t exist and that the maneuvers of men are always subject to the will of God. Everything depends on God and God goes all the way to the end when He begins his work. “For he is alone, and no man can turn away his thought: and whatsoever his soul hath desired, that hath he done” (Job, 23,13)."
Will the coronavirus spark another Great Depression? 
"Coronavirus-related layoffs have already started. Union Square Hospitality, the New York restaurant group run by Danny Meyer, announced Wednesday it is slashing its workforce by 80%, or 2,000 jobs, because of a "near complete elimination of revenue."Marriott International (MAR), the world's largest hotel chain, has started furloughing employees as travel shuts down. And countless retail jobs are at risk as shoppers are forced to stay home. 
"Weekly jobless claims in the United States jumped to 281,000 for the week ending March 14, the highest level in two-and-a-half years. And that may just be the beginning. 
"JPMorgan Chase said Wednesday that US initial jobless claims should soar above 400,000 in the coming weeks."
Will the coronavirus pandemic result in despair and suicides?
"Experts caution there is no single cause of suicide. But getting laid off, losing a safe place to live and taking on new family responsibilities are the kinds of adversity that can elevate suicide risk.

"Looking at a past disease outbreak like SARS in Hong Kong in 2002 and 2003 gives some indication of what may lie ahead. Social disengagement, stress and anxiety among some older adults resulted in an exceptionally high rate of suicide deaths, according to a 2010 study. Caine said Hong Kong's disrupted economy may have lead to increased suicides. He is concerned the U.S. may see the same.

"Research shows unemployment is a risk factor for suicide. Benjamin Miller, chief strategy officer for Well Being Trust, a national foundation committed to advancing mental health issues, said the virus outbreak already is bringing into sharp relief risk factors for poor health such as loneliness and social isolation.
“Add to these social factors the possibility of an economic downturn, which may include job loss, and we are looking at a perfect storm of problems that will only exacerbate the deaths of despair that our nation still has not addressed," Miller said."
Is Public Worship Essential to Fight the Pandemic?

How Can Priests Continue Public Worship?

Is COVID19 a Chastisement from God?

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chris griffin said...

Thank God for the remembrance by Roberto de Mattei of the slaughter of the unborn. He is one of the very few that care enough to even comment on abortion. This is the greatest plague to ever come upon the world and continues to be operating legally and financed by the government. Massacre of the innocents right in our midst.