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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Unhinged NEA President Shows Why Home Schooling is Growing

NEA president Becky Pringle speech at Philadelphia delegation on July 4
compared to Dwight Schrute from 'The Office.'

Becky Pringle, President of the National Education Association (NEA) is a lunatic! She heads one of the most lunatic bureaucracies in the country! Their agenda includes rabid support for abortion (killing future students) and for LGBTQ insanity. They see conservative parents as the enemy and do everything they can to separate kids from their families to the point that some teachers take girls for abortion without parental consent or encourage students to engage in transgender activity. Some schools even have a "transition closet"  where kids can change into clothing to play let's pretend I'm the opposite sex. This is not just one school. They are popping up around the country! (See here and here) The NEA wants parents out of the equation. They believe they own your children! They oppose school vouchers because that gives parents choice in education. Currently, those who opt out of the public system pay twice for the "privilege" of protecting their children from insanity.

There were many moments as I listened to Pringle's speech that were just eye-rolling and head-shaking. Pringle talked about how they "guide [students] toward their greatness." How do they do that? Well, obviously, by brainwashing students with critical race theory and abortion and LGBTQ advocacy.

With arm-waving theatrics, she enthusiastically promised that the NEA will make sure that, "All of us will have access to life and liberty and happiness!" Except, of course, for the pre-born and religious and conservative students punished for a variety of serious violations like wearing a religious T-shirt or drawing a picture of Jesus or daring to disagree with a liberal lie told by a tyrannical teacher. Oh, and of course, parents who try to protect their children from their evil agenda are public enemy number one! They will have police on hand to arrest those attending school board meetings who dare to protest the pornographic content of books in the school library.

This year's annual meeting had some internal problems when the NEA staff went on strike and picketed out front. It caused Biden to cancel his appearance because he wouldn't cross the picket line. One thing the picketers objected to was this:

Staff members also say the NEA is outsourcing millions of dollars of employee work to contractors, and gave vent to some highly personal claims: Among the millions spent on contractors, they said, “is a receipt of $8,500 for three days of hairstyling for the NEA president—all paid for by hard-earned NEA dues dollars.”

Goodness! How unreasonable. It's important to look good while engaging in a crazy rant. And how much does this lady make? She raked in over $500,000 during COVID while she was working hard to keep schools closed and rain money on liberal causes. She's retaliating against the staff union by locking them out of work. Why does this sound so familiar? If you're a liberal leftie, retaliating against those who disagree with you is the norm. Call it the picket line and insurrection and put all those little traitors in jail! Besides, they're probably all racists.

By now, most intelligent people know that the NEA is NOT ABOUT EDUCATING CHILDREN! It is about advancing liberalism and doing the devil's work. May they reap the whirlwind of their evil! 


  1. I am currently reading a book called “While Time Remains”, by 31 year old Yeonmi Park, North Korean defector, now US citizen.

    She describes life in the North Korean national prison camp, and draws parallels between what she experienced there, and what she sees here in our country. She says most Americans are blind to the gathering storm. But having endured the intense communist persecution during her first 16 years of life, human trafficking during her 2 year escape through communist China, she is here to warn us Americans: “They’re here!”.

    Communism is compulsion, fear, insanity, disorder, violence, pogroms and never-ending shortages, hunger, poverty - all by design, as a fundamental means of control of a population, like every abuser who ever lived.

    In a communist State everything is insane and violent, because communism was given to mankind as a gift from Satan himself. This evil “teacher”-woman is the vanguard. They will never go quietly into the night. Her kind, the legion of communist tyrants just like her, will require special assistance out the doors of our homes, our personal lives.

  2. Thank you for the book recommendation, Aqua. I will be sure to track it down! My son attended Catholic school at our parish for K-8; I homeschooled for 9th (I teach college level science so it was not a stretch); he attended a piano intensive program for grades 10-12, and is now in college studying piano performance. I'm thankful that I had the opportunities and God's grace to do so.

    1. Anonymous, absolutely. And congratulations on all the efforts you’ve put in to your children, God’s precious gifts.

      The beauty of reclaiming our *God-given rights (i.e. cannot be taken away without violence) to educate our children according to our personal situation, intellect, conscience, is that we can precisely tailor the program for the best fit to meet our individual child’s needs at every stage of development and changing circumstances. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. The child can achieve unlimited possibilities or coast depending on personal motivation and vision.

      My experience with our 9 kids mirrors yours: every possible permutation has been tried (it seems). We have children with immense natural gifts; others with high intellectual, emotional challenges. And it is constantly changing, our approach to meeting these needs.

      And the best, by *far* the best reason to educate your own children is that you can socialize them according to however you please; catechize them … and develop a personal bond that can never be replaced.

      Especially in these days when schooling (parochial to public) is filled with freaks and with the communist ethos of destroying all that is good, it is definitely time to reclaim our parental rights and duties. It’s one if the reasons we moved to Texas, truth be told - stay away from my kids, communist freaks!

  3. NEA-
    Not Educating America

    I suffered through public education in the late 60s through the 70s. I knew then it was a fraud. I remember thinking in 9th grade there has to be a better way. As a parent I discovered that better way was homeschooling.

    Was it Phyllis Schfaly who wrote on education? I read a lot of her stuff when I was in high school. If not her, then someone was writing in the 70s about how the people running schools believed they owned the kids. I had teachers who resented any time my parents asserted themselves into the school.

    During the shutdown people discovered what their children's schools were like. They thought this was a more recent phenomenon. I told them, no, you went through the brainwashing, too, you just didn't know it. The purpose of public education is to separate kids from their parents and mold kids into useful workers for the state. It's been going on for a loooong time.

  4. Another person who used to wave his arms in a feverish manner also comes to mind.

  5. Do you know anything about Michele Goodwin, professor of constitutional law and global health policy at Georgetown University? She frequently appears on Democracy Now (and maybe elsewhere) advocating for abortion.

    In response to Trump's debate answer Goodwin responded (transcript included at the link): Trump: "The problem they have is they’re radical, because they will take the life of a child in the eighth month, the ninth month, and even after birth. After birth. If you look at the former governor of Virginia, he was willing to do this. He said, “We’ll put the baby aside, and we’ll determine what we do with the baby,” meaning “We’ll kill the baby.”

    Goodwin: "But on this point about abortion after birth, it’s been a narrative that’s been pushed by hard-liners. It does not exist. Someone killing a baby after that baby is born, that would be prosecuted. We have no examples of that whatsoever. And, of course, if we did, we would all know about it. It would be promoted by Republicans. We would know the name of the case. We would know the name of the doctors. We would know the name of the individual who sought that abortion after birth. It is not true. But what it does expose is also this loose-baked way in which science and health ends up getting distorted. And Americans have swallowed those soundbites. And so it’s really important that we’re clear that there is no such thing as abortion after birth. There is birth, and if a child is born and then murdered by someone, prosecutors then step in."

    "Professor Michele Bratcher Goodwin is the Linda D. & Timothy J. O’Neill Professor of Constitutional Law and Global Health Policy. She is the Co-Faculty Director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Professor Goodwin previously was a Chancellor’s Professor at the University of California, Irvine and founding director of the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy. She was the Abraham Pinanski Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Medical School."

    1. Anonymous said: “ Goodwin: "But on this point about abortion after birth, it’s been a narrative that’s been pushed by hard-liners. It does not exist. Someone killing a baby after that baby is born, that would be prosecuted.”

      Grant that your premise is true (it is not), what qualitative difference does it make to the baby whether it is killed prior to or after delivery? One moment it is just a clump of inhuman cells that can be flushed down the toilet … the next moment it is murder ?! THAT is the premise of learned Dr Goodwin and the abortion industry?

      It’s murder to kill the baby on the table.

      It’s also murder to kill the baby in the womb.

      The birth canal is no magic portal that transforms a clump of tissue into a human being. The human was endowed by its Creator with inalienable rights to life *at conception* - the moment the baby began its autonomous journey as a unique human life.

      Anyone who can’t see that is morally blind and educationally ignorant - regardless of whatever “credentials” they claim.

  6. She is either ignorant or a liar. Babies have been murdered after birth from neglect and there are many cases one can research. George Will wrote an article years ago about a little one born with Downs who needed a simple operation in order to feed. The parents refused and the baby starved to death. There are numerous documented cases from the pro-life movement about babies born alive after abortion who were left alone in buckets and broom closets to die. And then there are the cases where the "doctor" can't wait and smothers the baby.
    Georgetown lost its Catholic identity years ago. In the 60s they changed Theology 101 to "The Problem of God" and they've been a serious problem AGAINST God ever since. Fulton Sheen had it right years ago when he advised parents to send their children to secular schools where they'd have to fight for the faith rather than Catholic (so called) schools where their faith would be taken from them. We need to pray hard for college students. These days the schools are mine fields.

    1. I vividly remember when NY state passed their radical new abortion legislation in 2019 that remands abortion to a pure health decision rather than a criminal code decision at any point in any pregnancy at the woman’s sole discretion.


      “The Reproductive Health Act, passed in 2019 in New York, further allows abortions past the 24th week of pregnancy if a woman's life or health is at risk, or if the fetus is not viable. However, since these exceptions are not defined by the law, and the law carries no criminal penalties for the woman herself, abortion is effectively legal throughout pregnancy.”

      End quote

      “Throughout pregnancy” … and even beyond birth in point of fact, while the baby struggles for breath on the post-birth metal table, and the “mother” struggles to decide whether it’s worth it. If she declares termination (murder) if the baby a health decision … then it is so.

      I vividly remember that legislation passing because the video view inside the legislative chamber, filled from top to bottom with deliriously happy leftists is forever seared in my brain: they reminded me of Orcs emerging from the cracks in the earth, howling with a twisted happiness and a deafening roar of approval over achieving the full and comprehensive freedom to murder babies for any reason at any time up to and including post-birth.

      As to Anonymous, interesting that your article on parental authority to care for and educate their own children rather than ceding such authority to deranged, insane malefactors leftists like Becky is used as a platform to minimize abortion crimes against humanity. His final paragraph a curriculum vitae, as if that lends credence to a liar. Anonymous: one thing the last few years have taught us is that “education” and “credentials” mean little to nothing, or even less than nothing. The “elites” have failed us, which means they are no longer “elites” … they ciphers and liars. The Truth will set us free and Truth is a scarce commodity indeed in the communist halls of American education. We see them now for who they are. The game is changed forever.

  7. Let's not overlook the ever increasing numbers of liberal white teachers - nearly always female - having affairs with their underage students. The women, unlike their male counterparts, get little more than a wink and a token slap on the wrist. The far-left NEA, meanwhile, says and does nothing to protect the students under their care.