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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More on "Hate Crimes" Bill: Lynching the truth

Portraying the "hate crimes" bill as defending gays against discrimination is a lie. Leftists lynch the truth using any crime that involves a gay to claim a hate motivation. But when a gay murders a Christian, like Mary Stachowicz, the media ignores it and gay activists say "she deserved it." THIS IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS BILL. IT IS A SPECIAL RIGHTS BILL. It will deny free speech to Christians and others who object to homosexual immorality. "Gays" already are treated with special protection. When they engage in public nudity and mutual masturbation during "pride" events, police look the other way. This bill will increase hatred all right, hatred against Christians like Mary Stachowicz who cared enough to speak the truth in love. She was murdered for it. The video below has some offensive footage from "gay pride" events. It is definitely not for children, but it is information to wake up adults who think that gays' perverted relationships are equivalent to traditional marriage. They are not!

For more on the "hate crimes" bill see these articles:

Reid Supports Hate Crimes Prevention Act (Politico)

Hate Crimes Act Has Far-Reaching Effects "A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says the federal hate crimes bill pending in the Senate 'will do little good and a great deal of harm.'"

Talk Show Hosts May Be Accomplices Under Hate Bill "This bill imposes much stronger federal enforcement, which is a clear violation of the Tenth Amendment. It grants greater power to federal prosecutors to prosecute hate crime laws by prosecuting those who have been found innocent by local or state courts. The current bill will extend special privileges to gays and transgender individuals that are currently only granted to ethnic and religious minorities. The most dangerous part of the Bill which is a direct assault against the First Amendment is that it allows for the prosecution as accomplices in a hate crime for talk show pundits that the person who commits the alleged crime claims to influence their actions."

Call your Senators today at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to vote NO on the Sen. Leahy's amendment adding S. 909 to the Department of Defense authorization bill.

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