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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oregon Shows What's in Store for the Elderly - Take the Death Drug, Granny!

EDITORIAL: A euthanasia mandate

"The Oregon health plan last year refused to pay for a recognized drug to prolong the life of lung cancer patient Barbara Wagner even after her oncologist prescribed it. Yet the same bureaucrats told Ms. Wagner that the plan would indeed cover doctor-assisted suicide if she chose that option."

Has anyone said that to Ted Kennedy? Yuh think? Who is more likely to have their health care cut off and to be pressured to choose euthanasia? Rich politicians like Ted Kennedy -- or the poor and minorities.

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Turfkiller said...

Euthanasia is still against the law in this country and this story is at best exaggerated or even fake. The medical insurance companies are of course against ‘end of life’ care because they want the children to indebt themselves and mortgage their futures for end of life care. This is ok if it’s your belief or religious practice, but there is nothing that mandates you to part with your religious beliefs.