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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Michelle Obama: to the Manner Born

Socialists are always good for a laugh! They preach equality and take from the "rich" (anyone who makes over $250,000... or $150,000... or $100,000... or $50,000....) ostensibly to give to the poor, but more often to give to government bureaucrats -- especially themselves.

Now you would expect that the Obamas being so concerned about the average American, as they constantly tell us while they attack greedy white rich folks, would be ever so budget conscious and absolutely committed to economizing for the American people. (Warning: Nobody get mean here and talk about date nights to New York, flying in pizza chefs from St. Louis, taking European vacations with the girls, etc. or steps will be taken.) Unfortunately, their lovely rhetoric doesn't seem to be matched by their actions.

American Thinker has a fascinating piece by Ralph Alter on Michelle Obama's budget which is THREE TIMES higher than Laura Bush's was in 2004. What are the American people getting for their $1,448,500? Lots of secretaries and assistant secretaries and assistants to assistants. But read the article for yourself and laugh (or weep). And the next time you hear the president talk about protecting the little guy, remember just how much he cares about you -- like family -- but not like the first family. More like his half brother George in Kenya who's not worth bothering about.


Janet Baker said...

No comments about the St Louis pizza or New York splurge? Aw, gee whiz! You're no fun at all. But you forgot about the $400 sneakers she wore while at a soup kitchen, and the tax-payer-funded motorcade that occurred when Obummer and Biden-his-time wanted to portray themselves as "ordinary Joes" and went on the town for burgers (why PETA isn't having fits over this like they did with the fly swat is an egregious oversight on their part).

There now! This post should solidify my status as one of those "right wing terrorists?!

Ray Schneider said...

Check out for something to really get riled up about.

This guy lies so much it reminds me of the Clinton joke about the lie ticker in heaven that they used for a ceiling fan. With Obama they could use it as a jet engine.

I was looking for that joke but couldn't find it exactly but this one will do:
On a visit to France, Barack Obama and French President Jacques Chirac are having lunch in a fine local restauraunt. After being seated and presented with menus, an attractive young waitress approaches the table.

"And what can I get for you gentlemen?" asks the waitress.

Obama looks up from his menu and smiles politely. "Hey, honey, how 'bout a quickie?"

Shocked, the waitress slaps Obama and storms off.

After the waitress disappears from sight, Chirac leans over to Obama. In a low voice, he says:

"I think you mean 'quiche,' Mr. President."