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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look...up in the Sky... it's a bird... it's a plane... it's a Carter Clone!

Barack Obama has apparently never considered the danger of overexposure. Viewers to his televised press conferences have dropped progressively and so has traffic to his website. A perpetual campaigner, Obama seems to think he can generate the enthusiasm of a rock star whenever he opens his mouth. Poll results show his popularity in continuous decline as the American people learn more about the bailouts, the government takeover of health care, and the ham-fisted way this administration operates. The president's flagging popularity is good news for conservatives. The best government is one that doesn't do any more damage. And the Obama/Pelosi team have done enough already!

Let's hope the downward trends continue and opposition to Obama's liberal policies increases. Even the Washington Post ran an article last week comparing the president to Jimmy Carter and his failed one-term administration. Carter was naive in foreign policy and a disaster at home. Remember the lines at the gas pumps, runaway inflation, and high unemployment. Get ready for a repeat with Carter's liberal clone. May history repeat itself also in the length of time Obama stays in office trashing America.

Pray for our country and for an increase in conservatives to defend her -- while there is still something to conserve.


Ray Schneider said...

If he had a better memory he might do better, but he stays on message and repeats his talking point word for word and when you hear them several times you realize you're listening to a tape recorder -- his memorized talking points.

Hal Holbrook at least had memorized ten hours of Mark Twain Tonight material and mixed it up so you never knew what you were going to hear. Obama may not have a good enough memory.

Anonymous said...

How uncharitable to lambast President Carter. He may not have been the best of our presidents, but he was and is a good man who tried.
The gas shortage was greatest in 1974 BEFORE Carter was in office. And which of us alive in those times can forget the debacle of the Nixon years and how long it took for good honorable men (Ford, Carter, Reagan) to overcome that disaster.
Leave Carter alone. The Obamanation is nothing like him.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sorry, Anonymous, I'd like to agree with you, but I can't. Jimmy Carter was a big supporter of abortion although he claimed to be "personally opposed" to it like so many pro-abortion politicians who want votes from both sides of the issue.

He authorized and approved as U.S. policy the Global 2000 report (1980), a draconian document advocating population control and other tyrannical solutions to world problems.

There's a book I plan to read available at the Human Events website:
The Real Jimmy Carter by Steven F. Hayward
Here's a thumbnail review --
"Jimmy Carter's reputation for idealism has been one of the great swindles of American politics for two decades." -- The New Republic

Carter should have stuck to building houses for Habitat for Humanity. His latest endeavor fits with his past. He's an ego-driven ideologue who believes he and other elitists are able to create a utopia made by human hands. (No need for God, especially the God who founded that homphobic and anti-woman Catholic Church.)

Telling the truth is not uncharitable. You know people by their actions. Check out the list of topics covered by Hayward at Human Events.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for a repeat with Carter's liberal clone. May history repeat itself also in the length of time Obama stays in office trashing America.
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