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Saturday, October 3, 2009

October is Respect Life Month...What will you do to build the Culture of Life?

Tomorrow is Respect Life Sunday in the Catholic Church and a good time to reflect on what you will do to help end abortion. Prayer and fasting always provide the foundation, but where to go from there?

Here is my quick baker's dozen:

1) Participate in the Life Chain tomorrow.

2) Spend at least one day at a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.

3) Give a donation to a crisis pregnancy center.

4) Share your pro-life values with someone to whom you've never mentioned it.

5) Wear the little feet pin on your lapel and be prepared to explain why.

6) Spend time with your children or grandchildren reading them a pro-life book like Angel in the Waters.

7) Use pro-life checks. (Note: Don't order from Life Checks whose parent company also prints checks for Planned Parenthood.) Try Heritage House.

8) Write a letter to the editor supporting the right to life of the unborn or the conscience rights of medical personnel not to participate in abortions.

9) Visit a nursing home and make friends with someone who gets no visitors.

10) Vote pro-life. Support for murdering the innocent is a disqualifying issue. No politician who supports killing the weak and helpless should get your vote - EVER.

11) If your state has a Choose Life license plate, get it. If not, put a pro-life bumper sticker on your car.

12) Have Masses said for the intention of ending assaults against life.

13) Encourage parents of big families; they get plenty of criticism from the worldly.

Finally -- practice pro-life all year not just in October. The weak and lowly are close to the heart of God. The only act I can think of that can put you closer to him than defending his little ones is receiving the Eucharist in Holy Communion.

Defend Life, America!

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Martina said...

VERY CUTE BABY!! I'd love to eat his cheeks. Oh wait. I can! Think I will. :)

Can you post this on the CCF board? I am going to open up a discussion on HV and the rosary tomorrow and this will tie in nicely with both. Plus, it'll give others some ideas on how to make the most of this month. :)