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Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Victory for the Truth!

Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart

Another victory for the truth. Pray for Abby Johnson. Other abortion providers tell how difficult dealing with the guilt is when they exit the abortion industry. Transferring from child-killing villain to pro-hero overnight can't be easy psychologically. Abby needs time to come to terms with her past, repent, and heal. The pro-life community needs to be careful to give her that time. We rejoice at the conversion of abortion providers and it's a temptation to treat them like trophies on the mantel. We need to be sure they share their stories in God's time, not ours.

God bless you, Abby. There is no sin too big for God and we welcome and applaud you for embracing the truth and the value of that little one in the womb. Meet other abortion providers who left and embraced the pro-life ministry.

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