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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't Let a Single One of Those Little Babies (especially the minorities) Get Away!

The health care debate goes on and the pro-aborts are mobilizing groups all over the country to make sure abortion is kept in the health care bill. We wouldn't want any of those little parasites in the womb to get away now would we, especially the "human weeds" (as Margaret Sanger considered the poor, Irish Catholics, minorities, in fact anyone who wasn't a WASP.)

Politico has an interesting article today. Note that the White House always has time to talk to the pro-aborts. When two million tea party activists hit town, they were ignored. When 20,000 rallied in less than a week to protest Obama-Pelosicare, they were ignored. But get a handful of NOW and Planned Parenthood harpies together and the White House puts out the red carpet and welcomes them for a "frank exchange":

ABC’s Jake Tapper, who first reported on their meeting with chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and other senior advisers to the president, wrote that the abortion-rights advocates had a “frank exchange” with administration officials, according to a source who participated.
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