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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Marketing of Evil - It's all in the Presentation

This video is terrific. There's no secret to why the Democrats are so good at selling their agenda -- it's Hollywood fantasy! Remember the Obama kids video and all the other visual and verbal manipulations during the campaign? The Hollywood liberals are masterpieces at packaging. This shows their brilliant marketing strategy. (Too bad the Republicans don't take a page from their playbook. They set themselves up as the party of "no" because they always stress the negative -- like "Our health plan excludes abortion. But was it "for"?)

The thing about marketing strategies is that once you know how the advertisers are trying to manipulate you, it innoculates you against manipulation. You become an observer of the strategy. (Golly, this guy on the phone is using the strategy, "never take no for an answer" because research shows many people will say yes if you persevere. Haven't you noticed the phone solicitors doing it?) A strategy exposed just doesn't have the same impact. So our job is to expose the strategies being used to manipulate us and rework them to our advantage - like the LOL bumper sticker at the end with Obama's O in the middle. Hey, folks, he's a joke. Pass it on!
Study this video - it's that good! And I want one of those LOL bumper stickers!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very edifying, though, like me, I'm not sure you would agree that comparison of Obama to previous totalitarian regimes is "obscene", as the video states (based on the many relevant articles you've posted on your site).

Also, isn't there a good chance the LOL icon will be mistaken by many as *support* for Obama?

These are minor criticisms compared with the many wonderful insights I've reaped from your website, thanks!