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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's policies: speed for government takeovers, delay investigating terrorism

Obama gets delay of Fort Hood probe

When is a delay really an attempt to sweep the truth under the rug? The more that comes out about the Fort Hood killings the more it appears the policy of political correctness has infiltrated the military and is endangering our servicemen and women. Why aren't the military allowed to carry weapons on base? How many would have been saved if even one of those being attacked had been armed and able to shoot Hasan as he carried out his carnage? The insanity of filling the military with Muslim recruits whose religion celebrates the killing of infidels as we go to war with Muslim nations is insane. Not that every Muslim is a terrorist, but it's like filling the military with members of the Black Panthers or the Weathermen whose beliefs are rooted in violence and hatred of America.

It simply isn't worth the risk. Can you imagine what this is doing to unit cohesiveness? If you were in the military and your partner in the foxhole was a "devout Muslim" wouldn't you be a little afraid that your back might be the target rather than the Muslim guerrillas?

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