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Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Protestant Revolution in Austria

What exactly are the reforms these priests want? And how can they declare themselves "independent?"

Time gives some details:
These [reforms] include letting nonordained people lead religious services and deliver sermons; making communion available to divorced people who have remarried; allowing women to become priests and to take on important positions in the hierarchy; and letting priests carry out pastoral functions even if, in defiance of church rules, they have a wife and family.


Ray Schneider said...

Just another bunch of know-nothings. The Church is one and when you rebel in this way you simply are no longer part of the church except in the way that a dried scab is part of the body when it is wounded.

The tragedy of the Reformation was that it fractured the unity of Christendom and allowed all else that has followed. The devil likes nothing more than disunity.

C.S. Lewis makes the point in several places that the devil always gives you a choice between two bad alternatives as if they are a complete dichotomy.

Anonymous said...

"Popular opinion" was against Jesus Christ. "Popular opinion" was against all the early and lastest Church martyrs also. "Populat opinion" was against St. Athanasius, but "popular opinion" was wrong in all these cases. Who cares about "popular opinon. It is what God thinks of us that matters not what anyone else thinks of us. He and His Saints will judge us as it says in the Book of Revelation (The Apocalyse), not "popular opinion".

Anonymous said...

"We are Church", as a laywoman I have begun to hate that term -- as if we are so stupid that we do not know that. I also know that as a baptized Catholic, I belong to the priesthood of believers, but that does not mean that I have the right to do everything an ordained Catholic priest does. I and every other Catholic can baptize in an emergency and do many other things, but we do not have the right to bless religious items or give sermons (deacons can) nor can we ever say Mass. These people are so caught up in themselves that they would split the Church over such silly, stupid and quite often totally immoral things. God will have a strong judgement for them if they keep it up. They can keep their "women priestesses; give me an Apostolic one who is always male and always will be.