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Monday, July 23, 2012

Gun Control Back on the Front Burner after Colorado Killings

The call is on for more gun control after the shooting at the Colorado movie theater. I came across an interesting article today about the U.N. model which calls for disarming everybody except law enforcement. (Forget that if somebody had been armed in that theater, the killer might have been the one dead instead of his victims.) At any rate, the article discusses the Rwanda massacre. Before it took place the citizens were systematically disarmed. (That really helped, didn't it as the machetes came out?) The U.N. was complicit in the massacre when they refused to provide protection to a high level official who revealed that lists of Tutsis were being developed for extermination, and, beyond belief, the U.N. ordered the information gained from the informant be turned over to the Hutu government which was plotting the killing! (Well, hey, think of the population control benefits of that mass genocide. Millions fewer "people of color" on the planet!) Here are the closing paragraphs of the article which I urge you to read in toto:
UN spokesman Fred Eckhard told the September 25, 1997 Washington Post that while direct action against the arms caches was ruled out, one option discussed within the peacekeeping directorate was having the peacekeepers form "a cordon sanitaire [barricade] around the area of the operations while the government went in" and seized the weapons — once again, a plan which made absolutely no sense in light of the established genocidal intent of that very government. In any case, the instructions issued by the head of the UN peacekeeping division, which were shared with the Hutu government, were little short of a green light for genocide. The official who gave the go-ahead signal is Kofi Annan, who was later appointed UN secretary-general, a post he presently holds. 
Belgian Senator Alain Destexhe was left incredulous by the UN's complicity in the Rwandan holocaust. The UN's decision to betray the Hutu defector, share his intelligence with the Hutu regime, and disavow any intention of preventing the slaughter was "like informing a terrorist that you know he's preparing his terrorism and assuring him you're not going to do anything about it," complained Destexhe.
Can it happen here? Are you kidding?

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