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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Women Need to Wake Up and Take Back the Culture

Planned Parenthood told us that abortion would make the world a less violent place with "every child a wanted child." No more child abuse, a heaven on earth. Abortion would guarantee a "woman's right to choose" and she and her "partner" would live happily ever after.

Well, apparently not. Some guys just don't want to be daddies and they don't mind administering an abortion themselves and beating up the mom as well. And the article below is not an isolated incident. Here's another and another and a whole bunch of examples of pro-abortion violence.

Two Marines held in Redding attack on pregnant woman

Pope Paul VI warned of grave consequences from contraception and abortion in Humanae Vitae:
 It is also to be feared that the man, growing used to the employment of anti-conceptive practices, may finally lose respect for the woman and, no longer caring for her physical and pschological equilibrium, may come to the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment, and no longer as his respected and beloved companion.
Sort of an understatement wouldn't you say? I spent about twenty years sidewalk counseling outside abortion mills and I can't count the number of "men" (I use the term loosely.) who dragged their all day suckers into the abortion mills refusing our assistance, snatching our pamphlets out of the women's hands, and saying, "She's made her choice." I got to where I replied, "No, she's made your choice." And then I warned the woman he'd be gone within a few months. Because that's exactly what the statistics show. When a woman has an abortion, she changes. She grieves over her lost baby. But that's "wrong" because the baby isn't supposed to matter. So she's no more fun and her sorrow is a constant reproach to the guy. She clings harder to him because she has so much invested. She's even killed her baby for him. Hey, he wanted no strings and no responsibilities and now she's an albatross around his neck. He's outa there! (There are dads out there, of course, who try to stop abortions, but they have no rights and how does a relationship survive when the woman emasculates the one who is supposed to protect his family especially the most helpless member?)

Wake up, girls. The reason there are so few good men out there is because you've made them little boys who demand instant gratification. God's plan is for sexual intimacy to forge a bond between husband and wife for the sake of their unity and the protection of their children. Responsibility for a family makes men out of boys. Playing with sexual intimacy, on the other hand, is like playing Russian roulette with all the chambers loaded. You can't help but be hurt! Women can take back the culture if they decide to be whom God meant them to be. Let's pray we take on the job.

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Kathy said...

The words,"respected and beloved companion" jumped out at me. I'm not sure I even think of my husband that way. I need to work on that.