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Monday, February 5, 2018

Fr. Tom Collins on Illegal "Immigrants"

Infiltrators are like strangler
fig trees that suck the life
out of their hosts until death!
I am concerned at how the left is being allowed to determine the terminology used to define the whole immigration issue. Those who have entered our nation illegally are not immigrants, they are infiltrators. Immigrants respect the laws, customs and traditions of the nation that is graciously hosting them. They also intend to enhance the life of that nation with the blessings of their own historical and cultural heritage. Infiltrators, on the other hand, furtively enter a nation. They despise its laws and traditions and treat it much as a parasite treats a host, sucking out its life-blood while infecting it with lethal pathogens.

It is sad that we allow drug traffickers, human traffickers, violent gang members, rapists, kidnappers, jihadists and murders to be dignified by Democrats with the name, “immigrants”. Also, the lax enforcement of our immigrations law demanded for years by many Democrats has encouraged parents to urge their unaccompanied vulnerable children to go on a hazardous journey to America through a gauntlet of merciless human traffickers and drug smugglers looking for some more “mules” to transport their lethal contraband into the United States. It is interesting to note how many Democrats want to treat such parents as human rights’ heroes, while at the same time they want to vigorously prosecute for child neglect any American mother, who merely leaves her  sleeping child in her house for two minutes, while she gets a cup of sugar from a next-door neighbor. 

Thomas Collins

Covington VA

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