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Friday, February 9, 2018

Don't Fall for the Seamless Garment Scam!

Cardinal Bernardin,
scam artist extraordinaire 
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin made a career out of speaking with an orthodox tongue while he undermined serious moral issues. His "seamless garment" provided cover to many pro-abortion Democrats like Ted Kennedy who could posture on the moral high ground as a serious Catholic while he voted to dismember babies in the womb. I mean he opposed executing serial killers, for heaven't sake! How much more "Catholic" can you be?

I wrote the other day about the 14 Catholic senators who refused to support the ban on aborting babies after 20 weeks who feel the pain of being torn limb from limb. Many of the abortion-enabling politicians use the "seamless garment" to justify themselves. They continually tell us how much they just luuuuuuv the weak and vulnerable...with one exclusion (well, millions of exclusions actually) -- babies waiting to be born. Hey, the babies can't vote and won't be fodder for elections for years, so who needs 'em? After all, the feminists and pro-abort adults can vote and pandering to them is a career enhancer for Democrats.

This morning I read an article by Austin Ruse that exposes these guys for the scammers they are -- with faux Catholic Tim Kaine at the top of the list. It's a great article.


Well, duh! Of course! That was the point! A scam from a great scam artist who perpetuated serious evils, who had Ann Landers at his death bed, and the gay chorus singing at his wake.


Unknown said...

Sadly, many of Bernardin's "boys" call the shots in Amchurch today which is why we are still contending with "The Seamless Garment".

elpine flower said...

Here's proof that with support from a good amount of the laity , we can help priests fight the scourge of sodomite clerics they have to deal with/