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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Liberals Are Cannibals; They Eat Their Own

Democrats and Republicans busy
about their cannibalistic rituals
"Late last week, New York Times columnist David Brooks tried to wake liberals up to the dangers of their abortion fixation -- and became a punching bag instead. The Left unleashed on Brooks for focusing on the party's greater good, responding with all sorts of vile, profane-laced tirades for committing the unforgiveable sin: questioning their abortion orthodoxy."

What a laugh to see "tolerant" liberal cannibals light a fire under their cauldron to cook Brooks after he dared to challenge their sacramental rite of abortion. You know...their "abortion on demand without apology and with no limits" policy. I have to say reading about it made me laugh.

I love to see evil expose itself so graphically. Satan, after all, eats up his own followers after he gets them to do his filthy work. Read The Screwtape Letters if you doubt it. Remember how the senior devil, Screwtape, writes to junior devil, Wormwood, that he looks forward to consuming him after Wormwood's human "patient" dies in the state of grace and escapes hell's grasp. No mercy for those who fail to hoist the banner of child-killing from conception to natural death. If they can't get the innocent babes in the wombs, they'll go for the children of God who are sick, handicapped, and elderly.

I'm praying for David Brooks today. He's an inveterate liberal, but being attacked so viciously by your own "family" so to speak must make you at least a little dubious. I heartily recommend that you read Brooks' full column. He is speaking from a pragmatic point of view as a Democrat who wants to see his party win. Obviously, they care less about winning than they care about abortion.

Sadly, I could say the same about the Republicans who undermine pro-life candidates all the time. I think particularly about Ken Cuccinelli who ran for Virginia governor against Terry McAuliffe in 2013 and should have won, but was continually undermined by the party and received virtually no support. The same with Judge Roy Moore recently and our own state delegate Bob Marshall who was defeated by Dan(ica) Roem, a transgendered extremist who ran ads of himself putting on women's makeup. The establishment would rather have McAuliffe and Roem in office than support serious pro-lifers who don't fit their "moderate" mold.

Yes, there are cannibals in both parties. Which is why I no longer work for the Republican party, but only for candidates. Screwtape is busy among both the Democrats and Republicans lobbying them to serve "our father below." Many on both sides of the aisle are eager to obey and light the faggots under the stew pot for those who dissent. It's up to those who love the Lord of Life to oppose the cannibals!

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