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Monday, February 26, 2018

Well, this is amusing - a lego-style Donald Trump. Now all we need is a Lego White House!

You too can own your very own Donald Trump lego-type figure with hair that is interchangeable with a hard hat that reads "Make America Great Again." And Trump holds an executive order. I wonder if his other hand can hold a pen. Wouldn't that make a nice desk item for the President Trump lover in your family.

And this is not the only Trump item available. Check them all out here.

You can use some of your tax savings to buy a gold-plated $100 bill (for $6.95) with Trump's picture on it or a Trump lover's T-shirt.

Actually our yearly tax savings is more than twice what I paid for my new Apple computer. It will also pay to remove the pine tree that fell on the trampoline and replacement of the trampoline if need be.

That may be peanuts to rich out-of-touch Nancy Pelosi, but it will make a big difference to our bouncing grandchildren!)

And guess what...there is a lego White House!

So here's to the resourceful entrepreneurs who have ideas and a sense of humor, something we all need in these crazy days!

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