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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Guest Post: Young Eastern Europeans Study Free Market Ways with Project Arizona

"It's the North Star of my life to look to God."

Dexter Duggan has a fascinating article at The Wanderer describing a project in Arizona that brings Eastern European interns to the United States to learn free-market philosophy to take home to their countries. These young adults know the reality of Communism and state very clearly that those who advocate for socialism have little understanding of what it really entails. We live in times when many who spout off about everything, know almost nothing. Check out Dexter's article. Here's the beginning:

PHOENIX — Before he started bringing young Eastern Europeans to Arizona to study America’s economy-liberating free-market practices, Jacek Spendel was making money off Arizona — that is, selling the “Arizona” pizza popular at his Xpress Pizza store in Katowice, Poland.
 The pie had mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and the Southwest’s jalapeno peppers, Spendel told The Wanderer after six young Europeans under his wing had made another stop on their three-month visit here to look into the customs and practices they’re hungry to take back to their countries previously sickened by indigestible Communism.
They spent a couple of evening hours at the offices of the Arizona Project Tea Party in north Phoenix on February 5, speaking to and answering questions from about 30 Tea Partiers. The name of the Europeans’ own group is mirror-image: Project Arizona.
 Spendel said their ages range from 19 to 29, they came from Poland, Ukraine, and Croatia, and they “were born after Communism collapsed.”
As the chatter proceeded at the Tea Party office, facts emerged that this was the second year of Project Arizona after word of the idea spread on Facebook, and donors to finance it — many of them from Arizona — were lined up. Project Arizona doesn’t accept government money. Read more...

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