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Monday, February 28, 2022

Church Militant vs. Restoring the Faith -- Michael vs. Mike

Watching the boxing match between Michael Voris and Mike, the Marine, Parrott is like being at Madison Square Garden. Get your popcorn and beer and settle in for the show. And don't forget your boxing gloves in case you get dragged into the ring by Michael Voris. He just loves to take on all the rad trads, pedo enablers, and cult members out there.... If you disagree with anything he says, be sure you are one of them!

Unfortunately for schoolyard bully, Michael Voris, he's met his match in Mike the Marine who is not backing down from CM's lawsuit. Good for you, Mike. Stand up to the bullies at CM! They just love lawsuits and if it means violating the Scriptural admonition not to drag your brother into court, too bad:
I speak to your shame. Is it so that there is not among you any one wise man that is able to judge between his brethren? But brother goeth to law with brother: and that before unbelievers. Already indeed there is plainly a fault among you, that you have law suits one with another. Why do you not rather take wrong? Why do you not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? But you do wrong and defraud: and that to your brethren.  (1 Corinthians 6: 5-8)

Really...St. Paul just didn't get it. An important, authentically Catholic group like CM is a rule unto itself. So if anyone dares to criticize them they have the answer. Bring on the lawsuits, the threats of lawsuits, and the slander and defamation! Go for the jugular with all the funds from those premium subscribers (and Opus Dei backers).


I don't watch much on CM, but I occasionally tune in to the evening news or The Vortex and I've noticed a curious, somewhat baffling thing. Many of CM's talking heads these days are barely out of the schoolroom. Where are the seasoned professionals? Are they too much competition for CM guru, Michael Voris who obviously wants to be the ringmaster?

Now, I love young people, but I'm curious when an organization that portrays itself as the one and only authentic Catholic media apostolate on the globe, gives the anchor spot on the evening news to a recent college grad and a young woman who exhibit no evidence of significant media experience that I can find. What are Nadia Hazimeh's and Joe Gallagher's bona fides? Well...Joe is Mike's good buddy and did his first Vortex at the age of nine. I guess that counts for something.

And speaking of Nadia, she recently cast a slur on Trudeau calling him a "soyboy." I never heard the term before so I looked it up. And then I laughed. The urban dictionary defines it this way:

Soyboys are characterized as being weak, effeminate men who lack many of the qualities that make a man. The term soyboy is considered a personal attack akin to "You're not a REAL MAN."

Uh...better watch your terms, Nadia! Using that particular slur is a tad bit imprudent. After all, you work on a station run by a same sex attracted man who spent 20 years engaging in sex with other men. (I considered using another verb, but my mom wouldn't have liked it.) Not only that, but Voris brought on board another same-sex attracted man whose behavior is stereotypical of the flaming, limp-wristed, queen (definition: male homosexual, especially a feminine and ostentatious one). Ah...Milo, Milo....he engages in all kinds of slurs... you know... like what CM is suing Mike Parrott for. 

From a Catholic perspective Michael and Milo should be leading quiet lives repenting for their past, one committed to sins that cry to heaven for vengeance! would be almost funny if it weren't so sad and pathetic. How can anyone take seriously a "boot camp" presented by Michael, Milo, and Joe. The image that comes to my mind is this:

The Three Stooges: Michael, Milo, and Joe (in about 30 years)

In fairness, I have to admit that we are all like the three stooges because of our sinful human nature, beating each other up to make ourselves look bigger and better than those we oppose. How often do we think of the good of the other when we engage in these kinds of battles? 

Charity isn't a feeling or emotion; it's an act of the will. When our zeal is motivated more by a narcissistic desire for attention than the desire to proclaim the honor and glory of God and love for our neighbor, we are in big trouble! Zeal without charity kills. It kills reputations. It kills friendships. It kills time that could be better spent on building up the body of Christ. 

CM spends much of their time in warfare against the friends of God, especially those whose apostolates are rivals to their own. Michael Voris, Christine Niles, and Simon Rafe have considerable talents which they distort by their willingness to lie and slander other Catholics. They prance and preen as the only authentic Catholics on the planet except for those with whom they happen to agree....until they don't. Many people they attack used to be treated by CM like allies. And then they started tearing them to shreds. So their friends are an ever-shrinking group. 

This Lent let us commit to praying for all those with whom we disagree that we might "meet merrily in heaven." I offered my Mass this morning for CM and all those they defame. I urge you to join me. Lent is a good time to pray and sacrifice for the good of Holy Mother Church. Let's do it.

May Jesus Christ be praised!


Unknown said...

I cant believe how you judged and dare to sign at the end: May Jesus Christ be Praised! Afte mocking one of his faithful children Consecrated.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm a big believer in tough love, Unknown. And poking fun at those who are puffed up is an invitation to deflation. I've been called a cow and plenty of other rude epithets which make me laugh. I can say "MOO" with the best of them. There is no humility at Church Militant and even less charity. Sad to say, Michael Voris has turned the organization into a personality cult and is turning the youngsters there into clones of himself. The recent resistance podcast with David Gordon and Joe Gallagher condemning the pro-life movement is shocking in its "mocking" of faithful pro-life Catholics. I wonder how many times those two have been arrested, prayed outside abortuaries, sidewalk counseled, etc. But they have the right to label Abby Johnson and the entire pro-life movement as "spineless, feckless, useless, toothless" party-goers at the March for Life only there to make money for their groups. Sorry, but hypocrisy deserves to be mocked. Even Jesus did it when he called the pharisees "blind guides who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel."

KenFX said...

What? They said THAT about Abby Johnson? Wow, just when I thought CM couldn't go any lower. Abby Johnson is actually out there helping women and children, raising money through her organization to which I've personally donated. CM only raises money for themselves.

Nora said...

Funny how CM started attacking trads - after being buddy buddy with them as Real Catholic TV....but then all the $$$ started pouring into Ferndale MI and suddenly CM abruptly cut all ties and the anti Traditional Catholic hit pieces began to vomit forth. Guess that's what happens when you live and work in the vortex of a demonic, Deathocrat hell hole like Detroit