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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Biden Reich House Arms Militant Nationalists, White Supremacists and Nazis

The Biden Reich House believes these are
brave Ukrainian Nazi Azov boys fighting for freedom

Ideologue liberals live a misty fog-brained existence where nothing makes coherent sense to those of us living in the real world with the ability to see the evil plans ideologues have concocted for us. It would all be hilarious if the ideologues weren't the same people in control of our government, schools, universities, health care systems - and the Catholic Church - and therefore our lives in general. Plus there's the Lucifer Factor - that being the obvious evil embedded within ideologue minds whipping up confusion among the populace to form mob thought control.

One must carve through thick walls of lies and half truths, propaganda and distortions, deceptions, deceit and dishonesty in everything today in order to emerge on the other side able to see at least a resemblance of truth somewhere. Just mention the word Ukraine or Russia and see the visceral vitriol cast one's way when merely hinting that quite likely the media is leading the West down the path of error exactly as they did with their Covid-hype and see anger and confusion on people's faces. "How could you? Putin is evil. He's a KGB agent (no, he was a lawyer paper pusher), Russia is the aggressor, and there are no Nazis in Ukraine! The Nazi movement died after WWII with Hitler!"

Oh. Well. With the exception of the MAGA crowd storming the Capitol - those far-right Nazis! US Democrats imprisoned some of the "Capitol Nazi protestors" who are still rotting in a DC jail somewhere while others were hounded so badly that they committed suicide. But to the Democrats, that's all good because MAGA people are evil Nazis filled with white supremacist hatred for other people. 

So my question is then, if US Democrats think that Nazis are such subhuman elements of mankind, why are those same Democrats sending billions of dollars in money and weapons to arm Nazis in the Ukraine - those Ukrainian Russian-hating, Jew-hating, LGBT-hating, Black-hating, Vietnamese-hating, Romany-hating Nazis in the Ukrainian government, military and the western Ukrainian population in general? 

Ukrainian Nazism is all so hush-hush that there's no mention of even the word "Nazi" on Ukraine's Wikipedia page. One would have to be a complete ideologue to believe the wiki portion on Ukrainian current events which oddly has no mention of (Z)Elensky but just a picture of him as Ukraine's current president. Naturally, cocaine addicted Z has his own wiki page, but one must be completely foolish with no solid thought process barriers to halt misinformation from crossing the boundary and entering into the territory of one's own personal information space (our mind, our brain) to believe the rubbish there.

Skipping back to the 1930s let's go to Stepan Bandera (1909-1959) and the roots of, not neo-Nazism, but the real deal, i.e., solid, true original German Hitler Nazism complete with Ukraine's Azov troops  tattooed with 14/88 hate symbols and other Nazi hate ink-art, existing in the Ukraine today, especially western Ukraine, which the Biden Reich House and Collective West support with orgy-like enthusiasm. 

Bandera was an ardent anti-communist, who pledged allegiance to Adolf Hitler as the Nazi troops were invading the Soviet Union and headed the organization responsible for numerous crimes, including murder, kidnapping and counterfeiting. He "was a radicalized Ukrainian nationalist, politician, Nazi collaborator, and theorist of the militant wing of the far-right Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and a leader and ideologist of Ukrainian ultranationalists known for his involvement in terrorist activities...Bandera remains a highly controversial figure in Ukraine, with some Ukrainians hailing him as a liberator who fought against the Soviet, Polish and Nazi states while trying to establish an independent Ukraine, while other Ukrainians condemn him as a fascist and war criminal who was, together with his followers, largely responsible for the massacres of Polish civilians and partially for the Holocaust in Ukraine."

In 2007 a 21-foot statue of Hitler-loving Nazi Stepan Bandera was placed in Lviv, the main city of Western Ukraine, to honor this ideologue of the Ukrainian Nationalist Nazi movement in the 20th century. There are also statues in honor of Bandera in Buchach, Drohobych, Kolomyia, Stryi and Ternopil - all cities in the far west of Ukraine in Bandera's Nazi-Azov territory. 

Meanwhile a memorial in eastern Ukraine's ethnic Russian territory of Luhansk opened in 2010. It's dedicated to the ethnic Russian Luhansk victims of the OUN-UPA (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Insurgent Army...the UPA was engaged in guerilla warfare against the Soviet Union during WWII). The inscription reads: In memory of the victims of fascism and nationalism.

"The monument was dedicated 'To People Of Luhansk Who Perished From Hands Of Nationalist Chasteners From OUN-UPA'. The initiative for the monument came from city deputy Arsen Klinchaev, founder of the Museum of the Victims of the Orange Revolution.

"Klinchaev said that a memorial is necessary so that all people learn about the crimes of the OUN and UPA, who acted in a more bestial manner than the fascists. When a provisional memorial was unveiled, a placard was attached to the stone displaying a dove pierced by a sword with a swastika. 

"At the unveiling of a similar monument in SvatoveLuhansk Oblast in 2008, the vice-Mayor of Luhansk, Yevhen Kharin stated,

The war is not over, the war continues. It is cruel and dirty. It has been waged for the souls of our children and grandchildren, whose parents and grandparents lie in graves."

Russia's two original objectives for going into eastern Ukraine 60 days ago were to demilitarize  (because of Ukraine's slaughter of 15,000 - 20,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the Donbas over the past 8 years and the Ukraine military's advancement on that territory two months ago) and de-Nazify Ukraine. Meanwhile the Biden Reich House and the Collective West's objectives are to support Ukrainian Nazism and weaponize Ukraine by sending billions of dollars and what amounts to old weapons and ammunition, depleting our supply in order to make the Deep State oligarchs even more rich from government contracts for the manufacture of new weapons in the future.

The Biden Reich House is sending guns to this boy so he can kill ethnic Russians.
No gun control for the Ukraine, but their border must be respected
while our own border is open to illegal immigrants.

While all countries have their far-right movements which aren't incorporated into their ruling structures, the point to be taken here is that the far-right movements of fascism and Nazism are in Ukraine's government by representatives of that ilk in government, in the military - of which the Nazi Azov troops are a section - and in Western Ukraine's civilian population in general.

The Collective West (EU countries, Biden Reich House, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) supports Nazis. The West supports killing of Russian women and children. The West supports their cocaine-addicted Zelensky-puppet. These are the same politicians who cried that MAGA patriots were fascists, nationalists, and Nazis who must be punished. Their hypocrisy is more than stunning. It's depraved and evil.

There are videos on the Internet of captured Ukrainian soldiers being shown videos by the Russians of the horrifying genocide of 20,000 ethnic Russian Ukrainian civilians in the Donbas over the past 8 years by Ukrainian Nazis. The Ukrainian solders are shocked to see what their side did to innocent civilians, a secret kept from them by Zelensky and his puppet Reich House Western-backed regime.

Yet I smile when I see the liberal West spewing out hatred for all things Russian - even a TREE planted 198 years ago by Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev. "The tree is Russian! enter the tree contest this year! It must be cancelled! Russia must have a regime change! Putin must go! Cancel vodka!! (over my dead body)

It's obvious to all but the Left's psychotic ideologues, those sitting in the power of the Reich House, the sodomite psychos in the State Department and the EU that ousting Trump was one thing, but trying to oust President Putin - largely popular in Russia, holding the Russian economy on an even keel, winning the war against Ukrainian Nazis, and always one step ahead of the Collective West's inhaling of the vapor of ideology then exhaling frightening "solid principles upon which to build the future" statements (like Biden's statement last week in Seattle that "by 2035 all US military vehicles will be green". Green energy tanks having to charge their batteries in the battlefield is a sure way to literally die on the hill of psychotic ideological dreams) - is another thing altogether. 


Al Schroeder said...

This is a great piece! I am constantly locking horns with friends and clients about the Ukraine Russian events. I have sent this link to them and posted in my rag tag social network. Why they did not learn never trust fake news after the scamdemic is beyond me. The only understanding they have of Putin is that he is KGB and the spawn of Satan as per the fake news outlets. When I tell them I like the guy, Putin,.............LOL dead silence. Then I start both pointing out facts, many coming from your posts and the, to be charitable, loose journalism of the major news outlets and you can see the confusion in their minds like the cat chasing a laser pointer light. Then they tell me ya, but they have pictures of this on the news. I respond with how do you your not seeing the atrocities that happened in Bosnia years ago and more silence. Critical thinking seems to be a lost art in not only the USA but the world. We saw that in people falling over backwards to comply with the government steps to combat the common cold they call Covid. What also does not surprise me is all the Novus Ordo groups running around with Ukrainian flags in support of the Nazis. But then again most of them still think of Francis as the greatest thing as sliced bread. As I say, critical thinking R.I.P.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It also might be useful to ask how Putin being KGB is any different from our BTF, FBI, CIA, etc. Have they forgotten Ruby Ridge and Waco? How about the Obama administration selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels (Fast and Furious) that were used to kill border patrol officers. How about government agents infiltrating and fomenting the January 6th event? How are our government and our spy operations so much more moral than Russia's? We have our own version of the KGB and, from my point of view, Biden and his puppet masters are much more dangerous to U.S. interests than Putin will ever be.

Aqua said...

Actually, there is no more KGB ...

"On 3 December 1991, the KGB was officially dissolved. It was later succeeded in Russia by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and what would later become the Federal Security Service (FSB)." (Wiki)

And then the Communist regime fell, replaced by the Russian version of a Representative Republic.

"The dissolution of the Soviet Union was the process of internal disintegration within the Soviet Union which resulted in the end of its existence as a sovereign state." (Wiki)


"The politics of Russia take place in the framework of the federal semi-presidential republic of Russia. According to the Constitution of Russia, the President of Russia is head of state, and of a multi-party system with executive power exercised by the government, headed by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President with the parliament's approval. Legislative power is vested in the two houses of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, while the President and the government issue numerous legally binding by-laws. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, *Russia has seen serious challenges in its efforts to forge a political system to follow nearly seventy-five years of Soviet governance*." (Wiki) [* = we should support the Republican side of Russia against their version of the globalist tyrant].

Bottom Line? Those who still see the world through 30 year old lenses need to get their political vision checked. A lot has changed over the last few decades. I would say in some ways, US is more repressive and socialist/fascist than Russia. Russia, meanwhile, is returning to its cultural roots centered on Orthodoxy.

I was unaware of this socio-political transition until recently. Ignorant, I was. But, paying attention, I see that it has fundamentally altered the balance of powers. And it explains why our American and European tyrants hate Russia with such passion and why these same tyrants support the pervert criminal psychopath Zelensky over Russian Orthodox President Putin.

Aqua said...

The Remnant nails it:

Putin is not the disease. Putin is the antidote.

Anonymous said...

Bad ass!! Very nice job of summarizing exactly what is going down. Kudos to you all.

Anonymous said...

I can think of no better way to kill a bunch of young Nazi men than send them to war against the Russian army.

Mike Smith said...

As James Madison said, "If men were angels they would need no government." Of course, ONLY if men were 'angels' could we TRUST men with government.

Ukraine is a mess. Take any country over-run several times in one lifetime, forces inside and out murdering millions, and see what happens. Take a divided and weakened Church, add Englightenment, man first, forget God ideologies promoted by Freemasons, the Illuminati, then later poison invented by Marx and others and watch any country self-destruct.

We, in the American South, were over-run only once a century and a half ago and many still look askance at our Northern Big City brethren. But the South, and most of the Midwest, shall rise again. This time it will be as the protectors of ALL human life, born and unborn of all races, against both coasts and the 'Yankee' big city North.

In the meantime get us, U. S. OUT of the UN, NATO, and all foreign entanglements! If Europe cannot defend itself then to hell with Europe!

Mike Smith
Occupied Virginia

Mary Kay said...

Excellent post, Susan! It added to my store of information to explain to others what is actually happening. I repeatedly add this to my recent posts on this war: Back at the start, when I saw the characters who were siding with Ukraine, it was very easy for me to guess which side I would support. I have never in my life sided with the Bidens, the Clintons, Pelosi, the Obamas, the Bushes, etc. Why would I suddenly rejoice find myself on the same team?

One other note: these above comments are clear and sensible, and also add to my stock of info regarding this war.

May God bless us all, and end this war soon.
MK Jones

Aqua said...

I have been seeing quite a few videos like this lately ...

I find this (type of) video compelling, as a corrective to all the propaganda that insists Russia is the engine of totalitarian evil in the world. I just don't see it. I have been looking into the goings on in Russia - because it seems to be such a focus of hatred of he globalist pagans that infect us - and I see a culture that has reconnected to its Orthodox Christian past; a culture on the rise.

Ukraine, meanwhile, is run by criminal psychopaths ... they well represent all that is wrong with Western civilization.

This video was shot in the third largest city in Russia, Novosibirsk - an outpost of 1.5M in south-central Siberia.

"Novosibirsk is a city in Siberia, southern Russia, bisected by the Ob River. The Trans-Siberian Railway fueled much of the city's 19th-century growth, symbolized by the Novosibirsk Rail Bridge, which still stands today. In the city center is the 19th-century, Byzantine-style Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, with its golden domes. The expansive Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre borders Lenin Square." (Wiki)

Russians, the ethnic Russians, have suffered from 75 years of pagan Marxism ... the same political disease that has migrated now to the West. Russians are waking up from that nightmare now and seem to be greatly enjoying the new dawn in a large nation, with massive resources while reconnecting to their admirable culture and heritage.

In a world in which there is precious few who can resist the globalist putsch, I have come to appreciate the Russian nation-state that appears to be the one force causing globo-Marxist satanist pedo-rulers to panic.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Aqua, thank you for this comment as well as all your other insightful comments. They're much appreciated and we can all learn a lot from what you say. Thank you.

Aqua said...

I don’t read many blogs and comment almost never any more. But this blog is quite intelligent and interesting. Mary Ann and yourself produce a really unique daily blog - definitely appreciate the daily read. Thank you both for letting me post my thoughts here.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for commenting, Aqua. I personally appreciate intelligent discussion and you always add something interesting to the issue.

I also post comments that disagree as long as they are civil and don't contain abusive and obscene ad hominem attacks.

Unfortunately there are a few readers who hate the blog but come to it almost daily like moths to a flame. A few can't say anything intelligent, just label us idiots and pepper their opinion with vulgarisms and obscenities.

And then there are the others who I would post if they omitted the ad hominems and the judgment of Susan's and my souls. For awhile I allowed them, especially when they were directed at me, but I finally reached my limit. If I had the tech skill to block those folks I would. Lacking that, I just omit their comments without reading them especially the dissertations.

Aqua said...

"... A few can't say anything intelligent, just label us idiots and pepper their opinion with vulgarisms and obscenities ..."

I read your foraging article, and found it quite interesting. That led me over to Kamp Kreitzer blog and I skimmed a few of your articles there. I was particularly interested (impressed) with your chicken coop project. As one who recently moved to a tiny (*tiny*) little slice of country in Texas to raise hobby chickens and the Texas equivalent of dandelions and whatever we might get to grow in red clay, I was impressed by your little chicken Koop project at the Kamp.

To those sad, sorry people who make commments such as those you mention above? Best treat them like one of my modern day heroes, Tucker, who gets his own share from the critics' slop trough ... be more like this:

I've had a few of those, recently. People are unmoored, and thus are likely terrified - as such they are not their best selves. Best to keep one's sense of humor through it all.