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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Ukrainian Nazis and the Collective West Partner on the Path to Nuclear War

The Collective West and Zelensky's most fervent wish

Zelensky was just quoted as saying, "Don't fear nuclear war. Just be ready for it." In this article I will henceforth call Zelensky, "Elensky" since the letter "Z" has been deemed illegal in Ukraine. I will do this since I don't want the Ukrainian Nazi Azov troops to ask the FBI to disappear me - not that I'm important enough to have anyone do that, but like Elensky said, I need to "be ready for it". 

By now the world should see that after WWII the bacilli of Nazism wafted eastward in the air and settled in the west of Ukraine, embedding itself in the Ukrainian Azov troops who use the Swastika as their insignia while they brutalize eastern Ukrainian Russian civilians with rape, torture or just shooting them on sight. What with all the hoopla about the Capitol "rioters" being evil Nazi type right-wingers one would think that the Left would be able to recognize real Nazis, but apparently not. The Left, that is, the Collective West (USA, EU and Australia) who hates itself and its former Christian civilization, loves Nazism. One can see true love blooming in the Collective West's falling all over itself with little red meme hearts flowing from the breasts of Western leaders calling for nuclear WWIII.

Let me interrupt at this moment to post Elensky's recent video of himself high on drugs. Couldn't find this particular video on YouTube since it was definitely censored so people wouldn't see the acid-head druggie comedian in high heels Puppet that the Western Puppet Masters placed to lead the West into their wanted nuclear war. Click on the link below to see the 32 second video that Elensky's handlers tried to erase from being seen.

Did you see it? Do we need to go to war for Elensky? For this man? Are YOU, cheering for this man "dripping with narcissistic madness, pride, unhinged ego, corruption and monumental incompetence" and his Nazi goons? Have you been taking to heart as the truth everything that the Western Media is saying even after being fooled for two years by the Covid "coof". Did you not recognize that the MSM, after terrorizing the world for two years with the coof, in one day dropped that narrative and the next day picked up the narrative of how wonderful Nazis are and that we must plan WWIII to solve the problem of Ukraine which would have never happened if the Globalist controlled Ukraine had kept to the 2015 Minsk Accords and not murdered 15,000 Russians in the Donbas over the past 8 years. It also would not have happened if the US Presidential election coup had not cheated us out of our rightfully elected president. This never would have happened under Trump since he was trying to get the USA out of NATO.

Russia is winning the war on the ground. That is a fact. The Ukraine is winning the MSM's soft war of lies and propaganda which the West's gullible people, sitting in front of their TV sets, choose to believe because it's too much of a strain to find the truth. 

Here's an example. It's known that about 2,000 Azov Nazi fighters, which include NATO troops and mercenaries, are holed up in the Azovstal Steel Works Factory in Mariupol. Twice - TWO TIMES - the Russians said that they guaranteed life if the fighters would surrender. If they came out and laid down their arms, their lives would be spared under the Geneva Convention. If they refused to come out the factory would be bombed. However, the Ukraine government in Kiev told the holed up fighters that if they came out they would be shot. I'm not sure if they meant that the Ukrainian government would have them shot at some point in time or if they meant for them not to trust the Russians' promise of sparing their lives.

Nevertheless, the Kiev government chose death for those 2,000 Nazi fighters. Then the fighters inside the Azovstal Factory said there were women and children inside with them and that to kill them would be genocide. My question is, if women and children truly were inside, why did the Nazis not let the them go out so that their lives would be spared as promised by the Russians?

Therefore the factory will be bombed by the Russians and all inside will die. Then the Elensky government and the Collective Globalist Western powers will blame Russia for genocide! That's how the lies work. The Russians gave the Nazis a chance for life and to be able - once the war is over - to return to their families. But Elensky and the Ukrainian government, at the prompting of the Collective Western Puppets controlled by their Deep State Globalist Masters, chose death. Death! For all those people! Their lives did not matter to Elensky. Only following instructions from his Globalist Masters, especially the USA and Obama (you don't really think Biden is running this country, do you?) mattered. 

And here I must interject the reason Globalists Elites choose death over life even though it should be obvious to even the most naïve person on the planet. What with all the millions of people murdered by the Left's Marxist agenda of wars, abortion, euthanasia, transgender and homosexual-lesbian agendas for eradication of the population, and all the Green agenda garbage, etc., a nuclear war would help eradicate millions of humans from the face of the earth. Death, death and more death. The more people killed, the better for the Elites because it's easier to control less people than more.

The Elites wanted a war, they got a war yet pretend with crocodile tears to complain that people are getting killed as if a war can be waged with no killing. Their fake concern over people being killed is just that - fake - since they know full well that they want a massive amount of human beings eradicated from the face of the earth.

Their sanctions against Russia didn't work (Russia is a commodity based economy) but rather will pose serious hardship for Americans and the EU countries. In addition, while the US military concentrated on woke status for homosexuals, lesbians and transgendered people, the Russian military concentrated on being the strongest military on earth. The Russians naturally allied with China and India. The ruble is stronger than ever because the EU never saw it coming that Russia - in the face of Western sanctions, including the theft by the West of billions of dollars worth of Russian assets - would demand that Russian oil and gas be paid in rubles. In all of this, with every sanction the Globalists impose, they undermine their own Globalist agenda by driving individual countries to defend themselves as Russia is doing.

And all of this for the Ukraine, a non EU country (except it's now being fast tracked for inclusion in the EU) which captures and tortures journalists to death. In the end, the Ukraine will be destroyed when all could have been preserved by diplomacy and abiding by the Minsk Agreement. 

As for me, all I ask during this horror is to worship God in a proper manner and hear the Truth of the Gospel preached at the homily. And for that I have to maneuver around Francis and his Marxist Gospel of hate. Then I have to dodge the vicious opinions of Church Militant, those seemingly Opus Dei controlled media puppets who, much like Ukrainian Nazis' love of death, appear to be recklessly determined on the death and destruction of the SSPX.

Just give me, for one hour on Sunday, the serene and total peace of proper worship of God and a homily of the Truth of what God wants me to understand and I can get through the week fairly normally in this earthly world of wickedness, propaganda and lies. 

For being able to cope I thank the SSPX and the Angelus Press. They don't preach politics or racism or agendas. They preach the Truth of Christ and adhere to proper worship of God in the Mass of the Ages.


Unknown said...

I think you nailed it on every point!

dxv515 said...

SSPX is in the Ukraine. The FSSP is not. Does your SSPX Priest know that you defend Putin's Invasion of the Ukraine? How many Ukrainian civilians has Putin Murdered so far?

Stop calling Church Militant Opus Dei.

Church Militant is FSSP and always has been - ask FSSP Christine Niles where she attends the Latin Mass?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thought this comment from the Non Veni Pacem website was interesting regarding Susan's article.

moniquejanke says:

This assessment squares with the reports from my sister-in-law who is from Mariopul. Dirty, dirty business, with Western hands deep in the mud."

Check out the other comments at

Sorry, dxv515, Church Militant has had Opus Dei connections from the early days.

dxv515 said...

What does Opus Dei have to gain by having Voris and Niles bash the SSPX? Nothing.

What does FSSP have to gain by having Voris and Niles bash the SSPX? Everything.

Not to mention other Rad Trad Influencers who have attended or attend FSSP calling the SSPX Schismatic. Gordon brothers and Skojec just two examples of many. I do not know any Opus Dei laymen who calls the SSPX Schismatic except for E. Michael Jones and he claims to attend FSSP in South Bend.

The FSSP has waged war on the SSPX - you just refuse to acknowledge it.

Susan Matthiesen said...

dxv515, I don't go to the SSPX for politics. Do you go to your church for politics? I don't know what my SSPX pastor knows or does not know. I can form my own opinions. I have my own mind. I can say what I want. I'm not afraid of any priest. I'm not afraid of any person. I'm not afraid of my local diocese. I'm not afraid of the local bishop. What is the matter with you?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


Again I disagree. Opus Dei is a personal prelature. They don't want the SSPX to have that same status mainly because they are enemies of tradition. Read their own material.

This is from their website:

"The Second Vatican Council spoke to us about all of this [tradition]. Its documents also enable us to hear the voice of our Founder, who preached many of those same ideas beginning in the 1930s. All of the Church’s councils form a unity of teaching doctrine, none of it contradictory. And so, if I may put it this way, Opus Dei finds its doctrinal patrimony in Vatican II; there one finds both what is new and what is traditional."

The philosophy of Opus Dei and their interpretation of Sacred Tradition is diametrically opposed to the philosophy of both the SSPX and the FSSP. I do not see the war you are talking about between the FSSP and the SSPX.

dxv515 said...

Susan are you not self aware? You have been parroting all the FSSP Rad Trad talking points for a long time. That is why your blog posts appear on Canon212. This should be obvious to you. You never go against the FSSP Rad Trad Influencer crowd. Never.

As for politics? I attend the Latin Mass for love of God and have done so for 30 years - My blog is a testament to the time I take to post Meditations and other related devotionals. Carrying Guns to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is NOT Roman Catholic. Those Rad Trads who do so are the 'Politics' you speak of and you are one of them. Rad Trad Influencers have turned the Latin Mass into a political statement - this should be obvious to you.

Your brand of Politics - supporting Putin + Nationalism + Trumpism is the politics that you brought into the Latin Mass. Not me.

So no. you don't have your own opinions. I can prove it. Go ahead I dare you - write a post condemning carrying of guns into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and write another post on how mothers should stay home with their children under six years of age during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Tell us how the Mass is not a nursery. Go ahead i dare. You won't though because again - you have no opinion of your own that is not cleared by the Rad Trad powers that be.

dxv515 said...

Mary Ann, OK.Then tell when did or does Opus Dei attack the FSSP? They don't.

This war is between FSSP and the SSPX. FSSP is the aggressor and uses all the top 20 Rad Trad Infleuncers to attack the SSPX - until it becomes too obvious and then they pull back.

Just wait until the three SSPX Bishops receive the Red Hat from Pope Francis...

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't owe you a dissertation, dxv. Neither does Susan. We see things differently. Let that suffice. You are free not to like Canon212. Susan and I do. I've know Frank Walker and consider him a friend. I admire his faith, his intelligence and his common sense. He's a real warrior for the Church.

As for guns at Mass. My brother was a police officer. He carried his gun everywhere. In fact, I think he was required to even when he was off duty. How is that even relevant? In an age when churches are being invaded, having the ability to defend oneself is not immoral. Jesus did not condemn the centurion who was a warrior and he told the apostles to bring a sword when they left the Last Supper. Church massacres (and shopping mall and theater massacres) have been prevented by law-abiding citizens with guns. Guns are not intrinsically evil. They are a tool. And if you read St. Thomas Aquinas, he discusses the sin of fathers not protecting their families.

I'm not responding to any more of your questions. This reminds me of a discussion I had with a Protestant who kept making statement and when I answered his objections just started over with the same ones. You've brought these issues up on other posts. I think you know where we stand at this point. You are free to disagree as are we to disagree with you.

Anita Moore said...

The war in Ukraine is another opportunity to bring about the Great Reset. The elites in the west are all-fired-up to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian, and that seems to go for the Ukrainians' own government too. We are evidently being propped up to support a widening of this war, which would be reckless and catastrophic in the extreme. I don't get the impression very many Americans are on board with this.

At least Zelinskyy is very skilled at playing the piano with his...well, you know.