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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Divorced from Reality

“We’re from the Government, and We’re Here to End Your Marriage.”

by Stephen Baskerville

The decline of the family has now reached critical and truly dangerous proportions. Family breakdown touches virtually every family and every American. It is not only the major source of social instability in the Western world today but also seriously threatens civic freedom and constitutional government.

G. K. Chesterton once observed that the family serves as the principal check on government power, and he suggested that someday the family and the state would confront one another. That day has arrived.

Chesterton was writing about divorce, and despite extensive public attention to almost every other threat to the family, divorce remains the most direct and serious. Michael McManus of Marriage Savers writes that “divorce is a far more grievous blow to marriage than today’s challenge by gays.”

Most Americans would be deeply shocked if they knew what goes on today under the name of divorce. Indeed, many are devastated to discover that they can be forced into divorce by procedures entirely beyond their control. Divorce licenses unprecedented government intrusion into family life, including the power to sunder families, seize children, loot family wealth, and incarcerate parents without trial. Comprised of family courts and vast, federally funded social services bureaucracies that wield what amount to police powers, the divorce machinery has become the most predatory and repressive sector of government ever created in the United States and is today’s greatest threat to constitutional freedom. (Read the rest.)

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Turfsuper said...

Stephen Baskerville states that “The decline of the family has now reached critical and truly dangerous proportions” Noticed he lacked any facts. Apparently he’s making things up.
“The divorce rate grew from the late 1960s through the early 1980s, when it peaked at 5.3 divorces per 1,000 people. The latest figures show that it has been in decline for more than 20 years, falling to a low of 3.6 divorces per 1,000 people right now.”

All that Stephen Baskerville is proposing is the removal of one of the current choices. The old fashioned fault divorce is still in effect and may be used. All that would happen with the removal of no-fault divorce would be a return to the “same melancholy charade where the ‘innocent’ spouse, generally the wife, would take the stand and, to the accompanying cacophony of sobbing and nose-blowing, testify under the deft guidance of an attorney to the spousal conduct that she deemed "cruel”.

Stephen Baskerville writes “Indeed, many are devastated to discover that they can be forced into divorce by procedures entirely beyond their control.” It may take two to get married but it only takes one to divorce. The differences in people are the things they do when things are wrong. For some men or women, that means that they are willing to endanger the lives of children but the responsible parent must divorce to protect the children or themselves. I suggest that as soon as we no longer need jails for people who choose to do bad things then divorce could be safely eliminated. Some spouses are always going to choose something really bad when dealing with their own personal problems and divorce is the only alternative.

He is generating hysteria and hype. No matter how he dresses this pig, he obviously wants to impose his personal theology on something he absolutely cares naught for be they the reality, or the people.