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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gay Hate Crimes Continue

In the wake of the victory of Proposition 8, acts of vandalism and assault against those who supported the pro-traditional marriage effort continue. Ironically, last weekend gays even attacked a Catholic Church in the Castro district of San Francisco that orthodox Catholics have criticized time and again for supporting the homosexual agenda and marching in gay pride parades. Most Holy Redeemer pastor Steve Meriwether said, “I think it's unfortunate that they selected our community to attack, because it's the wrong one." (Read more...

Interesting comment by the padre. Exactly what is the "right" community to attack? One presumes he means a church that considers sodomy, as did St. Paul, grievously immoral. So go ahead, gay vandalizers, paint swastikas on churches that preach against sodomy, assault old ladies who challenge your lifestyle, and vent your spleen by sending envelopes filled with white powder to churches that dare to disagree with you --- just not MHR where the wolf in sheep's clothing tickles your ears, blesses your gay pride events, and lets you hold lewd gay events in the church hall.

Well, Fr. Meriwether's position is not surprising since Most Holy Redeemer is up to its ears mucking around in the gay lifestyle. You can see some of the folks who play church there at A Sherpherd's Voice blog. You can also find much information here about this scandalous parish which allows active homosexuals involved in public scandal to hold a number of visible posts. David Differding, Coordinator of the Liturgy Planning Group participated in the 2008 "Golden Dildeux Awards" and received a trophy. Differding was the Master of Ceremonies when Archbishop Niederauer visited the parish in 2007. He's the bald fellow next to Fr. Merriwether in the photo above.

Pray for all these poor deluded children of God, especially Fr. Merriwether, their false shepherd.

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