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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Modern Tragedy - Isabella's Story

Isabella was conceived in 2001, not in the loving embrace of a mom and a dad, but in the office of an infertility specialist inseminating Lisa Miller with the sperm of an anonymous donor. Lisa and her lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins "got hitched" in Stowe, VT in 2000 during a brief vacation there and then returned to Virginia where the civil union wasn't recognized. They moved to Vermont, but the relationship collapsed and Lisa returned to Virginia with Isabella. Things went downhill from there and Lisa petitioned for an end to the civil union in Vermont.

Lisa and Janet both come from troubled pasts. Janet's brother committed suicide. Lisa cared for years for a mentally ill mom who was abusive. Reading their story is a lesson in how lesbians are made, not born.

To make a long story short - Lisa left the lesbian lifestyle and tried to gain full custody of Isabella. Janet wants full custody and the legal battle has raged in both Virginia and Vermont. Tomorrow the parties go to court once again in Vermont and it's possible Janet, the non-biological parent who remains in the lesbian lifestyle, will gain full custody of Isabella. Please pray and fast that this does not happen. You can keep up with this case by joining the Facebook group "Only One Mommy."

This case is just a preview of the disaster that homosexual civil unions/"marriages" are for children. It also illustrates the truth of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality.

Scripture tells us that the sins of the parents are visited on the children. Isabella's tragedy is just one more example of this truth.

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Anonymous said...

How exactly is this any different than any other child in the middle of a custody battle? Divorces and custody battles are a tragedy for everyone involved - straight, gay, or otherwise.