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Monday, January 19, 2009

George Bush - the worst president?

I have to laugh sometimes at the idiotic statements in the press. Rolling Stone opines that George Bush will go down as the worst president in American history. What? Have these fellas forgotten the one-term administration of the peanut farmer from Plains who gave us long lines at the gas pumps, put into place legislation that would be the root of today's financial catastrophe, and continues to be ridiculous as he travels around the globe playing self-proclaimed diplomat? I'm not a particular Bush fan, but I sure think he'll have plenty of rivals for the "worst" president in history title. But I'm not sure some of these folks have ever read a history book that covers anything before their own birthday. After all, what do a bunch of old white guys have to tell them about history? More fun to look at the past through their own view of the present. How many have ever read the constitution?

No, I don't think Bush will go down as the worst president in history. Let's revisit the question in ten years for a more sensible view.


Alice said...

Excellent writing. Concise and interesting. There's no doubt that Mary Ann Kreitzer WON'T go down as the worst writer in history!

Ray Schneider said...

George Bush was president is a difficult period. Those who denigrate his presidency are appeasers and cowards. They imagine that a response to the terrorist Jihadists can be surgically limited to a narrow response when in fact these people are simply the point of the spear, supported by nation states who wish to destroy not only Israel, but the United States and Western Civilization. Remember Lepanto!

Turfsuper said...

I am not certain that President Bush was the worst but there are serious war crime allegations, obvious poor policy, rampant hypocrisy and failed implementation that will continue to threaten this country, the constitution and it’s laws.

As for the economic crisis, it’s a long history actually dating back just before the start of the last century. What we can be certain of is that the economic success of President Regan’s supply side success was a mirage based on borrowing and it’s obvious that only the debt has trickled down. It was ‘voodoo’ economics and the proof is in.

You mentioned President Carter. I believe that most presidents have accomplished some good and all have made various mistakes. Woodrow Wilson and FDR are both good examples and both made major contributions to the current economic crisis. President Nixon when he took the dollar off the gold standard is but a specific example. Bush 1 did some really good things. All have done some really stupid things like Clinton who promulgated a federal regulation making the term “frozen” meaningless when describing chicken. He had it changed to “hard chilled”.

But back to Bush 43rd, he has managed somehow to combine almost all the lapses of leadership, misguided policies and abuses of power of his presidential predecessors into one single administration. His one major success was his personal war on grammar.

As for the cowards, they don’t have an inner power worshipping need to please those who successfully wield power but resist when government statements are false and baseless. Good, solid, reasonable objective republicans know that the real role of a citizen is simply to believe what government officials say and leave it at that.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If you're going to bring up war crimes, TK, let's talk about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the firebombing of Dresden and other cities. The murder of civilians was a deliberate tactic that targeted and killed hundreds of thousands of civilian non-combatants to demoralize the enemy and get them to clamor for peace.

I'm not aware of our military in Iraq using the deliberate murder of civilians as a tactic. If you are, please provide hard data supporting your position. George Bush couldn't hold a candle to Democrat Harry Truman for war crimes.