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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Brown Shirts Are Here!

The video below contains an audio clip from a young man who was detained at the airport in St. Louis by FIVE armed police officers -- get this -- because he had $4700 in his carry-on luggage. What was his "crime?" When the officers asked why he had the money he asked them whether he was required by law to answer their questions. They immediately went into brown-shirt mode. It reached the point where they were going to take him down to the police station when a plainclothes cop (FBI) came in and whispered something in their ears and they let him go. He made his plane. He was smart enough when the interrogation started to click the recording button on his fancy cell phone and got the entire encounter on tape.

So now carrying cash makes you a suspected terrorist. (So does being a Ron Paul supporter!) Think of that. What's the limit? Is $2000 okay? How about $500? Watch the video; it's unbelievable! God bless this young lover of liberty.

I had a similar situation happen outside an abortion mill several years ago. I was sidewalk counseling when a car stopped in the driveway and I stepped over to the window to talk to the couple who took my literature. The officer (They always had a police car in the parking lot on Saturdays.) asked me to get out of driveway I did.

Then he came over and insisted I give my name or he would arrest me. I started to comply but he got my Irish up so I asked what law required me to answer. Was I being charged with breaking a law? We had been told being in the driveway was okay by his supervisor if we weren't blocking people trying to go in and out which I told him. Nevertheless, he told me if I didn't answer he'd give me a summons. Which he did when I continued to refuse.

The next business day I went down and had a talk with the Commonwealth's Attorney who told me that if I were being charged with a crime I had to comply, but the exact opposite was what happened. To make a long story short they dropped the charges and (on my insistence) sent me a letter telling me that I did not have to appear in court. We never had a problem with that officer again.

Stand up for your rights like this man did. If you don't, the next bullying may not be just words but the nightstick and the cattle prod.

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