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Friday, April 3, 2009

Send your kids to college so they can watch porn flicks!

The University of Maryland planned to show a hard-core porn film this weekend as part of its student activities program. The coordinator of the theater, Lisa Cunningham said, "We thought this would be something fun for the students to do, especially since we're getting close to the end of the semester...we thought it would bring out the students." Is this an adult speaking? Hey, pass out mirajuana brownies while you're at it and you'll get every stupid (and randy) kid on campus and a lot of the neighbors as well. The morally upright students will be outside picketing. But hey! The university was being responsible -- they were going to have Planned Parenthood give a talk on safe sex before the show. Maybe they'd even practice putting a condom on a banana.

But something happened on the way to the porno flick -- a handful of politicians threatened to cut off the taxpayers' money to UM. Funny how being threatened with the loss of millions of dollars made the administration listen up and think twice. So the students may have to study this weekend instead. What a terrible alternative. Wonder what the parents who are paying big buck for their kids "education" think.

During the debate on the floor of the Senate the legislators kept having to change the subject because of the youngsters coming in on field trips. Maybe the politicians should take over the administration of UM; they apparently have more sense.

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