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Monday, April 27, 2009

J.C. Penney - cashing in on Obama-mania

I can't stop laughing. J.C. Penney's has a line of "hope" pendants clearly cashing in on the Obama-mania. Well, they are after all in business to make money and, they can, no doubt, sell them to the same folks whose homes were forclosed because of bad loans.

No doubt these gaudy geegaws are made in China. My only question is why they don't have one that combines Michelle's pearls with the cheap looking trinket in the middle?

Actually, I do have one more question. Is that a rising or a setting sun? The answer seems pretty obvious to me - definitely twilight. But if you're a gay activist, a feminist, an abortionist, a porn peddlar, a liberal politician, Chris Matthews, a terrorist, an ACORN rep, or a Planned Parenthood employee you'd probably disagree. Snap them up now for Christmas while you still have a little money before the big tax increases.

I wonder what Ben Franklin and the Founders would say about the sun image? Is the Republic rising or setting? Tea anyone?


Anonymous said...

I love how the 'raging right' are so concerned with the free markets, low taxes, etc. but when someone wants to make money on the biggest market of all (Democrats!) they pitch a fit!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Who's pitching a fit? I love a good laugh.