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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open Letter to artist Michael D'Antuono

I recently saw a picture of your painting of Barack Obama titled The Truth depicting him in a crown of thorns with his arms outstretched like Christ crucified. I would like to humbly suggest that you have the wrong person in a crown of thorns. It should be the American people who have been misled and lied to about what Barack Obama truly represents. In the spirit of transparency, I suggest you develop several companion pieces to accompany it.

First, paint a group of unborn babies of varying ages wearing the crowns since Obama favors the expansion of their murder by abortion. Be sure to include a little one who survived abortion and was deliberately killed by neglect since Obama voted four times to deny their protection. Don't forget to include Kathleen Sibelius and abortionist George Tiller in the background screaming, "Crucify them!" along with groups from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Catholics United, and NOW carrying signs and waving banners.

Second, paint a group of doctors, pharmacists and health care workers who are being denied conscience protection that allows them to refuse to participate in the killing. We all know the "right to choose" excludes the "right to refuse," one more hypocrisy of this pro-abortion administration that criminalizes conscience. Include a group of angry feminists with whips scourging the pro-life doctors for denying their "rights."

Third, depict minors sexually abused by by our pornographic culture which mandates graphic sex ed programs in the schools that encourage sexual experimentation including homosexual practices, "outercourse" like oral sex and mutual masturbation, abortion without parental knowledge or consent, over-the-counter access to the "morning after pill, " etc. Epidemic STDs and suicides among the young are the poisoned fruit, but it just proves we need more of what's failed in the past. In this picture be sure to include a Planned Parenthood counselor advising a minor girl to lie about the age of her predator adult boyfriend. A few auto-erotic asphyxiated kids hanging in the background would be an effective touch as well.

Fourth, show a group of American taxpayers being financially raped to bail out the banks, the auto industry, and all the irresponsible people who couldn't afford the loans that liberals like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd mandated through non-collateral affirmative action loaning practices. Include my five kids and their spouses and my 18 grandchildren (and even yet unborn great grandchildren) saddled with the debt for all the pork-barrel projects and government take-overs.

Fifth, show a group of elderly and handicapped who will be victims of health-care rationing when Medicare fails and the government writes "guidelines" for appropriate care that determines whose life is worth living and restricts treatment. Show some pregnant women carrying Down's babies with a big X on their bellies. Killing off 90% isn't enough - think of the cost savings of eliminating the other 10%.

Sixth, show a group of Catholics, Christians, and orthodox Jews demonized for defending biblical morality in the Judeo-Christian tradition upon which this country was founded. (Be sure to include Carrie Prejen and Sarah Palin in the portrait.) And please don't forget to paint crosses and the star of David on their sleeves. Also be sure to include a big mob of Obama's mandatory volunteer Youth Corps in their spiffy uniforms in the background.

I guess you get the idea. It's hard to imagine a millionaire like Obama who can fly in a pizza chef for a party, dines on caviar and champagne, and is worshipped by his G20 summit allies for selling America down the river as a suffering Christ figure.

Your painting is deeply offensive to people of faith. In fact, I consider it blasphemous to equate Jesus Christ with a man whose policies oppose just about everything He stood for. But it is definitely politically correct, and no doubt only offends the right folks: those wicked right wing, homophobic, intolerant, "dumb b****" Christian bigots who should be wiped off the the face of the planet to eliminate their carbon footprints.



Anonymous said...

Very well said.

Wesley Harris said...

Sir, I may not agree with what you say, or how you say it. But I will defend to the death your right to do so.

winlass said...

Excellent. You are on a roll here. Sharing this. . .