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Friday, May 15, 2009

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Announces Cardinal Bernardin Award

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has announced an annual award to engage young people 18-30 in working against poverty.

The CCHD announcement reads in part:

The Cardinal Bernardin New Leadership Award is given to a young adult age 18-30 who has demonstrated leadership against the causes of poverty and injustice in the U.S. The award aims to promote young people as leaders, honor their work in their parishes/organizations and strengthen the Catholic community’s participation in CCHD’s anti-poverty mission.

The timing couldn't be more perfect to name an award after Cardinal Joseph Bernardin considering one of "Bernardin's boys" is in the news. Rembert Weakland, former Archbishop of Milwaukee, out of the closet homosexual, may be the perfect "leader" to bestow the first award. His leadership skills are undeniable: leader in destroying the faith in Milwaukee, leader in destroying the historic cathedral, leader in promoting dissent, leader in scandal even in retirement. The man is inexhaustible.

But this award is named for Joseph Cardinal Bernardin. Who can deny that Bernardin had tremendous influence on the Church? An expert at doublespeak, the cardinal could begin a sentence defending a doctrine and undermine it before he reached the period at the end without even taking a breath. His "seamless garment" teaching on the life issues gave cover to countless pro-abortion politicians who claimed their opposition to the death penalty negated their support for killing the unborn.

Like so many of his proteges, Bernardin was accused of homosexual liaisons, most well-known being his relationship with Steven Cook. Here's an excerpt from a 2002 article:

In 1993, an admittedly active homosexual, Stephen Cook, accused Bernardin of sexually abusing him when he was a seminarian in Cincinnati. Although Cook subsequently dropped his suit against Bernardin, stating that he could "no longer trust his memory," Cook nevertheless did not recant his allegations.

Nine months before his death in September 1994 from AIDS, Cook was visited by Bernardin, who wrote about the meeting in the Chicago archdiocese newspaper, the New World. He took the highly unusual step of giving Cook – a man Bernardin earlier claimed he had never met – the chalice with which he said Mass. The gift was especially odd in that Cook never renounced his homosexual activities. At one point, Cook declared that "the Church will change before I will."

Cook, a man who couldn't rub two nickles together left a large estate estimated in the range of a cool $3 million. The out-of-court settlement was sealed, but apparently Cook's "apology" to Cardinal Bernardin and his statement that he couldn't depend on his memories was purchased by the diocese for a seven-digit payout.

Randy Engel in her monumental work, The Rite of Sodomy, devoted an entire chapter to Cardinal Bernardin and the "boys' club" in Chicago. Paul Likoudis in Amchurch Comes Out also documented Bernardin's influence in creating a pro-gay hierarchy. Had Bernardin, who died in 1996, lived until the sex-abuse revelations exploded, his role in covering up and moving around abusers would have rivaled Cardinal Law's. Bernardin's auxiliary bishop from his Cincinnati years,
Daniel Pilarczyk, was "found guilty of failing to report sexual abuse cases invovlving minors from 1978 to 1982 when he worked under Archbishop Bernardin." (Engel, p. 901)

That CCHD would implement this award in the name of one of the most scandalous cardinals in the U.S. Church is no surprise. It's a scandalous organization itself with a history of funding pro-abortion and pro-homosexual groups as well as Alinskyite organizations like ACORN that help elect radical politicians including our abortion president.

Grieve for our poor Church.


Anonymous said...

I remember an adage from my old moral theology professor: "Constructive dialogue must be both critical and respectful." It's a shame that this advice isn't followed much these days.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Another adage is that the only way to address a public scandal is to shine light on it. CCHD is a scandalous organization and it continues that legacy by developing an award named after a man who helped devastate the faith in this country.

Anonymous said...

This campaign is as rotten as King Henry VIII's corpse.

Anonymous said...

One scandal I discovered over the years, was that many ex nuns who went the lesbian pathway wound up teaching in elementary schools.
I am not picking on women here, it is just somethng I never could of imagined. Several yrs ago, the Catholic grade my children attended was run by a very attractive 32 yr old woman. She was the principal. Another teacher was an ex nun who taught religion. she was about 60.
A parishioner found out both were lesbians and both had live in lovers. She confronted one of them who admitted it and my friend told her she leaves or is outed. She left and the 32 yr old left 6 months later.
I learned of this one yr after they left and was stunned. The pastor, who some told me was a closet homo, had hired both.
I believe he knew they were lesbians because the homosexual circles are NOT that big in catholc education. It just goes to show how devious people can be.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame that I only read this today. I would have liked for you to have been at Justice Day last weekend. The day would have allowed you to learn what CCHD is all about - your comments are so misinformed- I will pray that you learn "the truth" as your blog insists. It's very clear from your post that you're choosing to ignore the positive work being done on behalf of the poor. As a Catholics seemingly devoted to your faith, I hope you will allow God to open your eyes to the need for CCHD and those fighting poverty in our world. I have never met Catholic as devoted as those invovled with CCHD.

Peace to you. The only scandel is a Catholic who cannot see the good work of the church. Be part of the solution sister. The world needs us to work together. Homophobia is such a terrible burden for you to carry.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Tell me, Anonymous, if you were offered a glass of good pure spring water with only a teaspoonful of sewage in it, would you drink it? What if it only had an eighth of a teaspoon of, say, e-coli? Hey, most of it's fine.

CCHD has a long history of funding liberalism including groups that shill for abortion, same-sex marriage, and contraception.

I am happy to support good work done by the Church such as our local Parish Outreach, Catholic charity done by the Missionaries of Charity, etc. I won't, on the other hadn, support a group (even if it calls itself "Catholic") that does evil with one hand while claiming to do good with the other.

As for being "homophobic" which means fear of homosexuals, I'm anything but. I feel sorry for them, enslaved as they are in lust. And I respect those who, like all of us sinners, are struggling against temptations to sin.

But this sort of slur (anonymous slurs in your case) is the tactic of one who can't make a real argument. For a long list of articles on CCHD see:

HexagonGroup said...

Thirteen bishops voted against the Dallas Charter that was a flowery apology and a Golden Parachute retirement plan for perverts. That's thirteen out of all bishops in the USCCB. The USCCB's lay committee included Clinton pro-abort Democrats; and a psychiatrist from Johns-Hopkins who approved of their sex clinic (founded by Dr. John Money, a pro-pedophile "sexologist") contravening Maryland law in refusing to report active pedophiles. An estimated three billion has been paid in hush money.

The political angle is important because the Democrats, experts in institutionalized corruption, can block RICO racketeering charges that would seem to be appropriate for the cookie-cutter similarities in obstructing justice, covering up, buying victims' silence, and letting statutes of limitations run out. So job one is to VOTE "R" FOR LIFE. My pervert parish priest in a "R"ed state went to jail. His confreres across the state line went to counseling. In Scranton, one of the Democrat DA's was collaborating with a clerical offender.

What is defended most is what is most vulnerable, military-wise. The pederast-pedophile problem would end today if all monies paid to victims for reparations would come out of diocesan clerical retirement funds. If the Dallas Charter told us nothing, it's that priests like the assurance of a lovely retirement. Getting Catholics to act when they have been politely bullied, guilt-tripped and brainwashed into learned helplessness, is another matter. When I count backwards from three, you will awake and pursue justice with a Christ-like passion. THREE! TWO! ONE! AWAKE!

Post-Vatican II liturgical abuses created a monetary and vocational vacuum into which was drawn lots of homosexual seminarians who became priests, monsignors and bishops who may have been blackmailed to overlook bad behavior. Again, John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger, the latter being the scourge of the priests posting on the homo-porno website, St. Sebastian's Angels, only had thirteen clear-headed, tender-hearted bishops to work with in America as of the Dallas Charter, and that's after John Paul II had emplaced more conservative bishops. We must use the spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting and alms giving as "we fight not against men but against powers and principalities." John Paul II's appeal to the laity to act like the Church Militant was his way of signaling to us that his was, and Benedict's probably is, a divided Vatican, and we are to do an end-run around those who will not lead, follow, or get out of the way.

As to Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, his alleged victim recanted only after mysteriously receiving a large grant of money. Bernardin presented this AIDS-blasted man with a chalice as a consolation prize, an act so demonic that the original allegations must be given credence. That's Democrat Chicago biz. This is the Chicago that gave us the mobster-successor to the Jewish accountant who kept scrupulous books for the Vatican starting with Pius XII. Archbishop Paul Marcinkus aided and abetted looting the Vatican Bank and with his linebacker build literally bullied whistle blowers out of the way. Marcinkus returned to Chicago after retiring. Now the same Democrat mobsters are in the White House, crashing the dollar at the behest of their patron, convicted criminal George Soros, who cashes in shorting currencies; and who almost sank England's pound.

This kind will only go out by fasting, as Christ said of the most persistent demons. May God grant us the will to fast; and pray and give alms, all to effect a thirst for and consummation of divine justice; all for His honor and glory.