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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Notorious late-term abortionist, George Tiller, shot and killed

I have often prayed for the conversion of George Tiller and will continue to pray that he had time to repent before he died. Christians don't wish the destruction of anyone, no matter how evil his actions. We'll need to watch developments in this case. Here are some links to the latest news:

Suspect arrested

Press Conference from early this afternoon

Statements on Tiller's Death

AP report


Christina Dunigan said...

Tiller's widow is presenting this as some sort of "dark day for women".

Look, I understand that the woman lost her husband. She's grieving. But she needs to speak only for herself. This is a dark day for women only in as much as the abortion lobby will gain political and social ground. The loss of Tiller himself is as great a loss to women as the death of Hitler was a loss to Jews. Tiller treated them like cattle. Worse than cattle -- a veterinarian wouldn't send a sick cow off to be cared for by people with no veterinary training while her life was supposedly in danger due to pregnancy complications, the way Tiller sent women off to the LaQuinta to be cared for by their companions.

Anonymous said...

This act of terrorism has given the ProChoicers the martyr they have been dreaming of.

This is the single most damaging thing to happen to the ProLife movement since the passage of RvW.

Mark my words This will INCREASE ABORTIONS in this country.

Ray Schneider said...

Before we rush to judgment about what will happen, it might be nice to know what exactly did happen?

Anonymous said...

It is unfair to compare hitler to tiller. Tiller murdered little babies. Hitler placed detainees into camps, just as America and other nations did. He did not put them there to kill them,the Typhus, he tried to stop, is what killed them. Not one single scholarly book written in the ten years after world war 2, ever mentioned any policy of formally trying tio kill the Jews. Hitler was taking preventive measures to protect his homeland from a 1918 sytle bloodbath, since the Jewish population of Germany in 1934 declared war on Germany via a global food boycott. If someone in America was organzing a global food boycott, that might threaten our survival, think Our President might have detained them into camps. The answer is yes. tiller was indeed a terrorist, but hitler was not. It is only the media which promotes a revisionist spin on history that misleads people into thinking that. I am defending truth, not people.

Anonymous said...

What are pro life advocates doing to prepare our country for the day that abortion becomes illegal? Over a million unwanted babies will be born to women addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, abuse, etc. These will not be healthy babies and our social services will not be able to handle the unwanted baby boom. I'm not saying that pro choice is the solution to this problem, but I would like to know how foster families and adopting families will be prepared. Then those children have to go to schools. Can you name a public school that has a surplus of highly qualified special education teachers? A huge percent of these children will require special services like special education and tons and tons of therapy. In 15 to 20 years our prisons will have a huge influx of prisoners. Again, what are the pro life advocates doing to prepare for the birth of over a million unwanted babies?

The death of Tiller is not a "dark day for women" and there will not be a rise in abortions. Women have an abortion out of desperation. It's not something women do to prove a political point.

Abortion will not become illegal - ever. Republican politicians don't really care about pro life issues. They use it to sway votes.

joyce said...

Anonymous #3, there is more to this issue than simply "What will we do with all those babies? How will we pay for their support?" But even if that WAS the only issue, at what point would you say that it would be okay for those babies to be born? How much money would we have to spend to allow them to live? A million dollars? Two million? Heck, Congress just spent over a trillion dollars to save the banks and the auto companies, why not spend a trillion more to allow the babies to live? What is the dollar value of the lives of the 3,000 babies that are killed by abortion EVERY SINGLE DAY?

You're right when you say that Republicans don't really care about pro-life issues, most of them probably don't. But let's be honest, neither do Democrats. If they did, not only would they continue to fight for a woman's "right" to abort her child, but they would also insist on funding follow-up medical care (how many surgical procedures besides abortion do you know of that do not require a follow up with your regular doc?) as well as counseling for the psychological trauma experienced by post-abortive mothers and fathers.

Apparently Democrats only champion this cause to sway votes as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that this killing is going to be very bad for us pro-lifers.