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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is Catholic New Service Catholic?

In a fawning article on President Obama's appearance at Notre Dame (ND), Catholic News Service (CNS) portrayed him through his own words, those of ND President John Jenkins, and co-speaker John Noonan as the eminently reasonable one calling on his adversaries to engage in "dialogue" and finding "common ground." The extensive article by Gene Stowe which appeared in many Catholic diocesan newspapers around the country provided only ONE SENTENCE on the vigil for life held at the Lourdes Grotto by the student group ND Response. Despite being attended by over three dozen seniors in caps and gowns who skipped the main ceremony and about three thousand others (including the bishop of Fort Wayne, John D'Arcy) that event merited no coverage. A search on the CNS website revealed not one article, not one photo of the alternative event where Priests for Life founder Fr. Frank Pavone was the featured speaker. This shutout by a so-called "Catholic" news service was shameful.

Orthodox Catholics have long noted that CNS shows the same liberal bias as the mainstream media. That bias was front and center last Sunday when they joined Notre Dame in giving honor and cover to the most pro-abortion politician in history. It's especially telling that CNS mentioned Obama's praise for two figures of the American Catholic Church who contributed so much to the destruction of the faith. Former ND president Theoldore Hesburgh was a primary architect of the Land o' Lakes statement in 1967 that essentially severed Catholic colleges from Catholic doctrine under the guise of "academic freedom." Cardinal Bernardin undermined the pro-life movement with his seamless garment sham that enabled so many Catholic politicians to claim pro-life status while supporting the murder of the unborn.

Shame on CNS and shame on the Catholic bishops who allow this liberal mouthpiece to continue to do so much damage to the Church in the United States.

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