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Friday, May 29, 2009

Huh? If she paid an abortionist........

Ah, real life is stranger than fiction. A seven-months-pregnant Utah girl recently paid a man to beat her up to cause a miscarriage. (See article.) The hired "hit" man who also bit the girl is being charged with attempted murder. The girl is charged with solicitation to commit murder. The boyfriend who was behind the attempted murder is, as usual, off the hook.

But consider the lunacy of all this in our world of insanity.

Aborting the baby is no problem. If she had the money the 17-year-old could have gone to Kansas to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius' buddy George "Killer" Tiller. He would have gladly stabbed the baby in the neck and sucked out his brains. Granted the bill would have been just a bit higher than $150 what with air fare, several days at a hotel, the abortion, the "extras" like photos and baptism services, etc. So she chose a cheaper arternative.

She went to an illegal abortionist instead who used somewhat primitive means in the attempted abortion which failed. It seems that her accomplice should be charged with practicing medicine without a license. After all, killing the baby was legal, her choice in fact. Wasn't it? Well, actually, it was the boyfriend's choice. Hmmm...Now why isn't he being charged as an accomplice. He was the "driver," so to speak of the decision, like the getaway driver at a bank robbery. Seems like he ought to be considered an accessory at least. But no, he's apparently free and clear, at least until he faces the final judge.

Let's consider a typical abortion story. Guy and girl are fornicating. Girl thinks it's love; know. Anyway, guy gets girl pregnant. Girl is happy - temporarily - until guy makes it clear he ain't happy, in fact guy is downright mad. How could girl do this to him? Guy has his future to think about and isn't ready for the responsibility of kids. Wasn't girl taking pills? Girl wrings hands, grasps at guy, has abortion to keep him. Guy leaves anyway, very relieved, and gets new girlfriend. There are other scenarios as well. Guy threatens girl, or beats girl, or puts abortion drugs in girl's drink, or murders girl.

But women are so blessed to have "safe, legal, abortion" and boyfriends to support them and make sure they exercise their right to choose -- as long as they make the "right" choice. Statistics indicate that as many as 64% of abortions are coerced. So why do they call it "freedom?"


Anonymous said...

hi, could you reference your very interesting stats please. thanks!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

For a report on coerced abortion see:

Also see

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's one more link to the research page at the Elliot Institute.
Abortion has devastating consequences for both women and men. More and more post-aborted women are publicly expressing their sorrow and repentance for killing their children. Abortion is not safe or rare and its legality benefits neither the baby nor the woman. But it lines a lot of pockets from the abortionist to other functionaries at organizations like Planned Parenthood, to big pharmacy which provides the killing drugs. Love of money is the root of all evils.