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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sonny Torres Statement on Karen's Arrest at Notre Dame

Because in the statement below Sonny brought up the situation of his son Jason, his wife Susan, and little Suzie Ann I think I need to preface this with their story. In 2005 Susan Torres who was 17 weeks pregnant collapsed due to a stroke from the recurrence of a melanoma she had when she was 17. It had invaded her brain. The Torres family made the decision to keep Susan alive to give her growing baby, a little girl they named Susan Catherine Ann (after her mother and great-grandmother), a chance at life. Susan clung to life much longer than any of the doctor's believed possible with her cancer.

The baby was delivered by C-section at about 27 weeks and lived for a little over a month before complications from a perforated intestine overcame her tiny body's ability to resist. Susan and Jason's story made international headlines as their little one fought for life. Karen, who was arrested last Sunday, told me the day after the baby died, "I saw her will to live and her ability to love. She just wanted to live. All these people who talk so cavalierly about abortion need to know these babies want to live. We've got to stop killing them."

The night Susan collapsed Sonny and Jason both had the same dream at about the same time in the wee hours of the morning. Each heard a voice saying, "You and others will tell the world of a fight to save a precious life, not to change hardened hearts, but to give hope to those who believe, so that they know that there is more than what they see and hear. Let them come and see for themselves.”

That's what all those pro-lifers were doing at Notre Dame last Sunday - witnessing to the world know how important it is to save one precious life. And that's why Karen and Sonny were there to stand with them.


I feel Karen and my rights were walked on by the Sheriff's department of South Bend, but that is not what disturbs me the most. I love my Catholic faith and the Catholic church and I truly believe in the sanctity of life. That is why we drove 11 hours to witness to those views.

I cannot speak for Karen, but I am starting to wonder if the Church truly believes in what it preaches. I sit and listen to priests tell us that the flock should stand up for life. We are told to give our time and money to protect life at all costs, but where were they at Notre Dame?

Several times during the approximately 6 hours we were at the gates of Notre Dame my heart would soar when a man in a Roman collar would walk up the street, only to continue walking past the protesters and through the gates. Most wore a look of disinterest, some blatant disgust on their faces. One of them, after being asked by a woman, “Don’t you think it is hypocritical to be part of this heresy?” told her to “Get a life!"

Only one little old priest, who had to walk a gauntlet of anti-Catholic monsters who yelled questions like, “How many little boy’s have you had in your life?” And being told he was going to hell with the pope, was holy enough to stay and protest! After the graduation ceremonies, several priests and a group of nuns left holding balloons with the new messiah’s picture on them!

At my parish pro-life issues are rarely mentioned and usually when they are, it is done by the Knights Of Columbus! We get more sermons on social issues and are constantly being asked to “examine our conscience” to see if we are giving enough to the new church fund or the Bishops Lenten Appeal. I know several Bishops “spoke out” against Notre Dame and Father Jenkins, but what more did they do? Most just disappeared after they spoke out.

Several years ago God gave me one of the most blessed events I have ever witnessed. I got to see how much a little life wants to survive, and I saw first hand the love of a mother and father. I feel Notre Dame and Father Jenkins have spit in the face of my son Jason, daughter-in-law Susan, and granddaughter Suzie Ann. In my opinion the Catholic Church, through Notre Dame and Father Jenkins, had all those people arrested - people who were doing what The shepherd’s of the Church should have been doing.

Please, I ask the leaders of The Catholic Church to start acting more like Christ, so I can answer the question with: “Yes, I Am Catholic,” and with my head held high!

Sonny Torres


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Anonymous said...

The Catholic church has many weak Catholics who seek power, praise and pleasure at the expense of truth. No office and no person can be thought of as exempt. For 2000 years popes have told us one thing and then we see JP II is having lunch in Synagogues and letting a medicine man give him a blessing. We see bishops attending the installation of the episcopal guy who is calling himself a bishop, despite no valid orders. Catholics are rare who did not become confused, even priests, nuns and bishops and about 99% of Catholics lost the faith, IMHO. However, the faith of the Catholic church is pure truth and cannot be changed by popes who are fearful of leading, which then makes bishops and priest fearful of doing their job.
The sort of priests, bishops and popes we have is a form of punishment on us for not being
faithful Catholics.
Being pro life is a supreme good thing to do, and once more 99% of Catholics will not lift a finger.
I know, I have spent much time in pro life.
We must not worry of those who will not help, but work to bring in new helpers, and with prayer, God will supply.

Anonymous said...

the President of notre Dame will not change and if he leaves will be replaced by an equal or worse progressive.....all this will serve to do is publicize the fact that these universities are not catholic and real Believers will never go there.....2 churches that will be on earth.One public and of this world ,the other scattered private and in humble homes.....

Anonymous said...

Where have all the faithful Catholics gone? Men and women who believed in the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles and the Holy Father. If Homosexual, Abortion, Birth Control and all the other evils that are a mortal sin, and we know as evil, call it what they are, an offense against God.Notre Dame, Our Lady once the cradle of America Catholic that sent good men into the world where are they now?

Anonymous said...

His comments are heartbreaking. How sad that so many priests and nuns are not with us in this battle.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame was never REALLY catholic. America WAS Cathoilic in the 1500's. West coast even inthe 1700's. the forces of evil crushed Catholicism in America in 1800's and even Pope Leo XIII saw this. We had a liberal bishop,Carroll, who basically surrendered the faith to the prots in early 1700. How? He backed down from the dogma of outside the Catholic church ,there is no salvation. He comprimised with protestants, and puritans. Once he did that, it was downhill. I know we have a few saints in america, but I think only 3 are canonized. It is only my opinion, but I think the civil war was a punishment from God for being weak in the faith.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments. I was at Notre Dame on Sunday, with 4 busloads sponsored by the Pro-Life Action League from Chicago.

However, it is not the Catholic Church herself that is at fault. It is certain individuals within the Church, in this case, the Rev. Jenkins and the Notre Dame board. Bishop D'Arcy said it was wrong for Jenkins to invite Obama. The bishop did not attend the commencement. Could he have done more? Yes. But he could not stop Jenkins and Notre Dame from inviting Obama, nor could he stop Obama from coming. That's simply the facts.

This whole Notre Dame-Obama debacle represents a great crisis within the Church. It does not mean the Catholic Church has changed. We have had great crises within the Church before, and God can and will bring a greater good out of it.

Don't give up on the Church simply because your pastor or your bishop, or almost all the bishops are not doing more to stop abortion. The Church's doctrines and the moral law do not change. WE the faithful must do what we can. God sees all and He alone is the Judge. We only have to answer for our own actions.

Be assured that you did what you thought was right in good conscience and God sees that and that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Sonny Torres statement.
God Bless him, the 80 year old priest, and you.

Anonymous said...

Obama speaking on Notre Pharisee campus was wrong. however, Catholic teaching always forbids commiting a sin no matter what your motives.

Can we steal $10 to help a person save $1,000 in a situation? no.

Catholics must take the high road , when dealing with Pharisees. When we break the law, we place ourselves on their level.