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Monday, May 4, 2009

More on Virginia Politics and Outside Carpetbaggers

Well, I got the answer to the question posed in my earlier post. Yes, Yoni Cohen, spokesman for Common Sense Virginia (CSV) which has nothing to do with common sense and everything to do with slimeball politics is the same political operative who worked for Pete Stark of California. He's originally from Boston and couldn't care less about issues important to Virginians which is why CSV doesn't address them honestly. CSV is nothing but a liberal attack dog funded by big labor. No doubt, we'll see many more Cohens shipped into the state during the next few months, to raise dead voters and register Donald Duck and Peter Pan. What fun!

The CSV website is short on facts and long on attacks. Whenever I visit I have to turn down the sound because of the scary music. (It makes you imagine the evil laughter of the wicked Republicans? Wa-ha-ha-ha! Bob McDonnell the bogeyman is coming to get you, Virginia. Quick, call the Democratic ghost-busters who will tax and spend you into prosperity.)

Actually, the site does a pretty good job of giving me more reasons to support Bob McDonnell. He's pro-life, supports school choice, and opposed mandatory pre-school. He's a fiscal conservative and a right-to-work supporter who opposed some of the grandiose schemes supported by big-government guru Tim Kaine. At any rate, you won't find much information at the CSV website, just manipulation and distortion of Bob McDonnell's positions.

Here are a few articles about CSV. This is all about outsiders coming into Virginia to tell us how to vote (for liberals of course). Personally I think most Virginia voters are too smart for this nonsense.

Show me the $$

Small-minded Big-footing In Va. Governor's Race

Common Sense Virgnia top donors

Va. race takes tone, tactics of national politics

Big Labor Democrats

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