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Friday, February 4, 2011

Heartbeat Bill in Ohio

Sometimes a state initiative is so important that every pro-lifer in the country ought to get behind it.

The personhood bills are the most important because they declare the little one in the womb persons with rights from the first moment of existence. Every state needs to introduce and work toward passage of these bills.

In the second tier of importance are bills like the heartbeat initiative in Ohio which protects the life of all babies whose hearts are beating. Will it save all babies? No! And it isn't enough. But it sends a clear message that a person with a beating heart has the right to life. And when you consider that the baby's heart begins beating at 21 days gestation, this is a giant step forward to defend many little ones in the womb. It would also put late-term Ohio butcher, Martin Haskell, out of business. Haskell is credited with popularizing the gruesome partial birth abortion method. Cutting off his diabolical business would be a blessing to everyone on the planet.

Sending heart balloons to the state legislature is a powerful visual message as well. I'm sending some and I invite you to join in the effort to fill up the Ohio capitol with these signs of life. Just imagine the halls of the state legislature as deliveries go to many offices throughout the capitol building.

Today, first Friday, when we reflect on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and pray in atonement for all the sins against His love is the perfect day to take action to defend His little ones. Attach prayers of reparation for the murder of His precious babies. Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine. Go here for more information and to send your own balloons.

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