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Friday, September 2, 2011

Government Gun-Running Scandal Grows

"Fast and Furious," the ATF's mad scheme to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the death of a federal agent, Brian Terry, grows more bizarre by the day. At least three White House officials, national security advisers, were briefed on Fast and Furious and knew ATF was selling assault weapons to enemies of this country. The guns have been used in at least 28 violent crimes both here and in Mexico. There is also evidence that the U.S. Attorney's Office covered up the connection between Fast and Furious and Terry's death.

Who was Brian Terry? Read his family's description of him given in testimony to Congress. Terry's murder wasn't just the act of one criminal. It was enabled by the ATF, the same bureau that killed Randy Weaver's wife and twelve-year-old son and planned and carried out an assault on the Branch Davidians that killed 76 members of the community including twenty children and several pregnant women. The Randy Weaver and Waco debacles are a tragic examples of out-of-control government playing cowboy. The local sheriff in Waco said all they had to do was go up and knock on the door. He had visited the compound often and even been to the shooting range with David Koresh, the clan leader. In the subsequent trial of the Branch Davidian survivors, all were found not guilty of conspiring to murder federal agenst (although they were found guilty on lesser charges) due to the brutal and unprovoked attack on the compound.

 It was no surprise to me to hear about Fast and Furious. An agency that shoots a twelve-year-old in the back and assaults American citizens guilty of little more than being different will do anything. My only question is who's next?

Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes

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Old Bob said...

Yet another reason to insist loudly on Second Amendment rights!