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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thought for the day: Pray for newlyweds

Today we explored Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota. All I can say is WOW! When we stopped at Roughlock Falls we saw a young couple who were getting married there in the beauty of God's creation. We wished them the best and went on about our day of hiking and sightseeing. At dinner tonight who should come into the restaurant still dressed in their wedding finery but the same young couple. On our way out we stopped at their table, reminded them of our meeting earlier in the day and asked their first names so we could pray for them by name. Please join us in praying for Richie and Bryan. We told them we've been married for 42 years and wished them long years of a joyful marriage. It isn't easy to keep your promises in our disposable world. Do something today to build up a married couple you know: pray, send a note, drop off a treat, make a call. Part of our vocation as married couples is to build up the marriages of others. Orate pro invicem. (Let us pray for one another.)


  1. One of my daughters will become a newlywed on October 8. Pray for them, too, please.

  2. I'll certainly pray for them, but if one of them is a baptized Catholic, the marriage is sacramentally invalid. The Code of Canon Law forbids outdoor weddings. A marriage that lacks canonical form is null and void on its face.

  3. Of course you are right, Christine, but I could hardly ask them whether they were Catholic and give them a lecture on the faith. I think the odds were that they were not. If they were, they are in even more need of our prayers.

  4. were the newlyweds two men?