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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Larry and I have been traveling now for three weeks. We've visited eleven states and driven about 3600 miles. When we left home we loaded the car with books on tape and music CDs. Amazingly, we haven't listened to a single one. We haven't listened to the radio either. One of the great gifts of this trip has been silence.

Our world is so noisy. Screwtape wrote to Wormwood that hell was all noise. When I see people plugged into their iPods and on their cell phones before they get out of the driveway, and with stereos blaring... I think of Screwtape. Our world needs more silence. Larry and I have talked through the miles, prayed many rosaries for the intentions of family and friends, and just soaked in the glory of this beautiful country in silence. Who needs artificial noise when the glorious symphony of God's world is playing out before you through the windshield. I hope when we get home in a few weeks we can maintain this appreciation of this great gift of silence.