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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What ever happened to that call for civility?

Liberals are quick to demand civility when they want to criticize conservatives, whether they're talking about Republicans or Tea Party activists. But it's a different story when they're foaming at the mouth with invictive. When Joe Biden called us terrorists it was ho-hum and a yawn. Now Jimmy Hoffa has escalated the "incivility" by describing us as "son of bitches" (bad grammar, as a matter of fact). The White House has made it clear Hoffa won't be challenged. And he has called for war against the president's opponents. When Sarah Palin used the word "target" she was impaled as somebody urging murder. What exactly do people do to their "enemies" in a "war" -- throw marshmallows at them?

This is one more example of liberal hypocrisy. They hold themselves to a different standard -- actually no standard at all except that whatever they do is right. It isn't surprising actually, because a liberal shifts his position every five minutes. So you can't hold him to what he said five minutes ago, because he's moved on to something new.

As for Hoffa and the unions -- what can you expect from a bunch of thugs? There are plenty of good folks in the rank and file, but you don't get to be union boss without being willing to use the brass knuckles. Jimmy Hoffa demonstrates that in spades!

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  1. I think this occurred right before Obama's "grow the government" freudian slip.