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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do You Pray for Abortion Workers?

They're watching. They know you're there. If they're angry, it's because you've pricked their consciences. Pray, pray, pray for those engaged in the diabolical work of killing the innocent. Pray for those who assist them. Pray for abortionists, nurses, receptionist, deathscorts. Their conversion is longed for by Jesus. And maybe, just maybe, the lost will be found because of your prayers. Never give up. Pray while you witness at the abortion mills. Pray at Mass and at adoration and in your home. Pray at Life Chain and at 40 Days for Life. Never give up on the lost sheep. They need you!

Inside an Abortion Clinic …After Dark

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  1. That's how Norma McCorvey came to know the Lord Jesus as her Saviour!